The dance/rave scene has exploded in the past several years in Los Angeles. There are literally thousands of DJs that have played in this great city, but none can compare to the mental patient known as DJ BL3ND.

First up, please go attend a show at The Roxy; there’s never a bad show at this venue, and November 18,2012 was a good example of that. DJ BL3ND put on a jaw dropping  show with massive energy and mind blowing music that made everyone forget that the next day was Monday. There’s no doubt that there was more energy here than next door at the Key Club, where they hosted The Misfits. In fact, you can say that DJ BL3ND’S show is just as crazy as a typical metal show!

The crowd had that “BL3ND Energy” that has been made famous by BL3ND himself. Throughout the night, you could hear people chanting his name in excitement to watch his set. DJ BL3ND opened up with the intro of Rage Mix, and as soon as the music dropped, he jumped up from behind his DJ table and made everyone go nuts. From there on out, there was non-stop jumping and dancing, and because of that, it made the crowd a key element for the night. With the crowd raging on, and DJ BL3ND putting on smooth transitions throughout each song, there was no doubt that this night would be phenomenal.

If the music wasn’t enough to make you wanna stage dive and crowd surf, DJ BL3ND made it so there was always energy flowing throughout the crowd. He literally threw everything out but the kitchen sink to the crowd, including: T-Shirts, halo belts, foam glow sticks, candy, confetti, and water that was distributed by BL3ND’s mouth. If the music and free goodies weren’t enough to make you wanna dance, then at this point you had to check your pulse to see what was wrong with you, because there was no way you weren’t enjoying the night.

One of the interesting things about this show was that BL3ND had the fans come in dressed as him and join him on stage. The turn out of BL3ND look a likes brought out a decent amount of fans dressed up as the psychotic DJ. As soon as Loko Mix was dropped, BL3ND had the dressed up fans join him on stage and go completely crazy. At one point, there were more people on stage than on the dance floor! When DJ BL3ND is there, almost anything goes, and tonight, it went.

You made a bad decision if you were invited to this show and didn’t go. This show was completely chaotic and fun, and the only way you can really describe it is mad. Hopefully it won’t be long before DJ BL3ND returns to Los Angeles, butwhen he does return, expect an even more wild night than this night.

Review by Alex Lucero