Hollywood Undead

For the first time in a ling time, the Key Club in Hollywood had its floor packed, on January 8, 2013, and it was all thanks a rap/metal group, Hollywood Undead.  The group released their new album Notes From the Underground, and to mark this special occasion, the group played a special album release party with family, friends, and the fans.

For those unaware of who this band is, you’re appreciating music the wrong way. Hollywood Undead is a hip-hop/rap/metal band from Hollywood, CA (makes sense, right?). You can’t define them by the genera, but rather by their high-end energy, created by their unique blend of music. Fans of rap and metal attended this show, bringing two different cultures together; something that you don’t see very often in music and that’s special.

Hollywood Undead were set to hit the stage at 9pm, but for whatever reason, they started an hour late and finally hit the stage around 10:05. The anticipation was calmed down thanks to the club spinning everything from Skrillex to Chris Brown. Once the lights went down, the band got on stage to unleash havoc.

Hollywood Undead quickly went into Undead and showed the high energy that have made their shows popular.  During their first 3 songs,they wore their iconic masks, and during this time, there was a sea of camera phones in the air. As the show progressed, the phones went down, and the hands went up moving to the rhythm and lyrics of the songs.

Through the night, the band played song after song with tremendous energy; you can see the passion in each members face as they sung and when you add in the rowdy crowd, you have the perfect formula for an unforgettable concert. Hell, even the security on stage were getting into the show when they nodded their heads to the beats while keeping the band and crowd safe. How often do you see that happen!?

To say Hollywood Undead is amazing live is an understatement. You really need to see these guys live to understand how incredible they are. There’s no one else out there like these guys so do yourself a favor and see their show when their in your town. Your mind is guaranteed go be blown away. The mainstream rap artists need to step their game up. Drake, Lil Wayne, 2 Chains, and every other current rapper combined can’t touch these guys.

Oh, and Key Club, please start booking amazing acts like Hollywood Undead; we all miss your venue, so give us a good reason to come back.

Songs of the night included: Been to Hell, Bottle and A Gun, My Town, Young, Bullet, Everywhere I Go, Dead Bite, We Are, and Another Way Out from their “Takes from the Underground” album that was released on the day of this show.

Review by: Alex Lucero