Robb Flynn of Machine Head

Robb Flynn Acoustic Concert On January 21st, 2013. Robb Flynn ditched his Flying V guitar and traded it in for an acoustic guitar and began his Southern California Acoustic tour. Kick yourself now if you missed this show, because it was phenomenal. Flynn decided to do a tour to try to help him into sobriety and he said the only thing that has helped him in his life is music. So, with that being said, he wanted to play music and help anyone else going through hard times by listening and singing along. There’s no better way to cure any problem one might have but with music. Flynn isn’t only a terrific musician, but he’s one hell of a vocalist. If his voice and talented guitar skills can’t help out your problems, then you best check yourself into a mental institution.

Flynn started off the night performing “Die Young” by Black Sabbath, a song he performed at Mitch Lucker’s [of Suicide Silence] memorial show last month. If you haven’t seen Flynn perform this song, then you must look it up! It was an extremely hot topic all over the metal community a few weeks back. Anyways, the whole night was filled with Machine Head songs, as well as other songs that has inspired him. Songs included Davidian (with a fan on stage singing with him) , Descend The Shades of Night, Now I Lay Thee Down, Sarkness Within, and The Burning Red. Covers for the night included Aeriels by System of A Down; Sunshine by Alice in Chains; and Everlong by the Foo Fighters (watch out, Dave).

One of the most incredible feelings with music is that it gives you goosebumps; that’s when you know the music is beyond incredible. There’s no denying that with each passing song, there were goosebumps being felt up and down the bodies of the hardcore “Head Cases” in attendance. The harmony and unique style of Robb Flynn will make you feel alive, and that’s what we all want when it comes to music. Everyone who was in this club were hardcore fans and sang along with every word of every Machine Head song being played, which made those songs feel even more special. Throughout the night, Flynn told stories of how a certain song came to be, or even what the covers he was singing meant to him. At one point, he jokingly asked if he was talking to much, and everyone yelled “NO!” as he smiled. If this show was booked as “Story time with Robb Flynn,” then the crowd there would still be happy with his stories alone.

He truly is an inspirational artist and human, which translates to the best music anyone can ever listen to. The whole night was more like a hang out, rather than a concert. It was personal and entertaining- something you would expect when you spend time with your friends. The show quickly came and went, leaving fans wanting more, and if you know Machine Head fans, we always want more. Don’t be a fool, catch Robb Flynn if you have a chance at the remaining Acoustic tour dates, and if you’re lucky enough to attend NAMM, then go and check his show out there, as well. If you don’t live in Southern California, check out YouTube and search “Donrage,” there’s some great videos filmed by a fan at the Hollywood show.

Review by: Alex Lucero