Meek Mill

Grammy weekend could not have started off any better than with a SOLD OUT Meek Mill concert. On Friday, February 8, 2013, Meek Mill and Wale took over the hot-boxed House of Blues in Los Angeles, CA.

After  three openers, Meek Mill finally took the stage at 1:25am. Although it was a very late time to start a set,  neither the fans nor Meek Mill showed any signs of fatigue. As soon as the lights dimmed, the cheers echoed in the venue. “Y’all not turnt-up enough!” said the DJ and “hype-man”. “Make some mother-fuckin noise, for my mother fuckin nigga, Meek mother fuckin Mill!” By then, the room was lit up with cell phones, ready to record the introduction, Dreams and Nightmares. Meek Mill came on stage to cheers as he sang with dim lights surrounding him. Without pause, Mill went into two of his most popular songs, I’m A Boss and Burn.


During his 14 song set, Mill paused in between his set to talk to the crowd and introduce different songs, including his sixth song, Traumatized. “I want to dedicate one- if you lost somebody in this bitch, I need you to put your hand in the air and make some noise in this mother fucker. Cause I wanna do one for all the real niggas that we lost that we was close to in our life; you ready?”

Meek Mill (12)


The sold out crowd clearly didn’t just go to this show to see Mill for one of his radio hits because they were rapping along to all the songs with him. Every pause he took in between verses, the crowd rapped for him. Mill constantly engaged with the audience, asking them to put their hands in the air and to rap with him when he held his microphone out to the crowd.

After the 14- song set, the drunken and high crowd headed home still full of energy and many stories to tell their friends.

If Meek Mill is performing in your town, be sure to buy tickets soon because they WILL sell out!

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