Every Time I Die

It was Saturday, February 16, 2013 in Pomona, CA and for whatever reason there were carolers outside the Glass House concert hall. But this is not a review of that event, no; this is a review about the more brutal and wild concert happening inside the SOLD OUT Glass House. On this night, fans witnessed The Acacia Strain and Every Time I Die shatter the glass house.

First off, can we thank Every Time I Die for including The Acacia Strain on this tour? Lead singer of Acacia Strain,  Vincent Bennett said that it wasn’t for Every Time I Die, they would have called it quits. This band needs to survive and tour more to show off their talents and unique sound. Their show was intense because of the aggressive vocals from Bennett which put them in a whole different league of metal-core bands.
The atmosphere of the room changed from an “I must destroy everything” attitude to “I must destroy everything because I hate it” attitude.  The lyrics along with the intense soundtrack of the band kicked the pit into a whole different level, so if you were near it, you would have to be a brave individual to take a hit or two from the furious pit-goers.
The Acacia Strain is a must see for those who enjoy atmospheric music such as Slayer or Slipknot. While these 3 bands don’t sound the same, they transfered concert goers a different state a mind. Sounds from this night included: Beast, The Mouth of Tenariver, Doomblade, Tatical Nuke, JFC, and more.
The Acacia Strain finished their set and up next was the main headliner of the night- Every Time I Die. After a quick stage set up, we were on our way for an hour of non-stop, action packed, face melting metal . From the get go, these guys came out with enough energy to light up the Pomona Glass house and that energy grew as the night went on.
The whole evening was like an old 80’s punk show with each band member going all out while still perfecting all their notes. There was constant movement from the band, never stopping during their set, but only during the rare breaks in between songs. Ryan Leger’s drum stage might have even moved a foot or two because of how much movement was going on! This intensity on stage created an even more intense crowd, with both the band and crowd competing to out-do the madness that was going on inside the venue.
The anarchy and complete perfection of this show from Every Time I Die was more than a fan could ask for. Stage diving, high octane mosh pits, and active crowd participation made this a show one that many will soon not forget. It’s no wonder why the band calls Pomona their second home. Songs from this show include: Underwater Bimbo’s from Outer Space, Wanderlust, A Wild, Shameless Pain, I Suck (blood), Kill the Music, The New Black, We’rewolf, and more. Make sure to catch Every Time I Die once they hit a city near you, and buy tickets quick, because it will sell out!

Review by: Alex Lucero

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