New Found Glory

New Found Glory was back in town at the Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA recording their first live album off their Sticks and Stones 10 year anniversary tour on March 27th, and 28th, 2013 in front of  sold out crowds. These nights were full of Pop-Punk energy and angst. Everyone was packed like sardines but with the absence of a barricade and security, the crowd was free to mosh and crowd surf as they pleased. Attendees were also treated to a professional photo that will be incorporated into that night’s live album’s case as a mug shot.

The band focused on older songs and played Sticks and Stones with a mixed up order to keep it fresh. Unfortunately though, after the first few songs during the first show Chad Gilbert, the guitarist, was electrocuted by his microphone, collapsed to the floor, and was rushed to the hospital. After the first few minutes of panic the band decided to finish the show to the best of their ability. Chris Crooker who last played with New Found Glory in 2002 was put on the spot and played some of the remaining songs that night. Needless to say, without Chad on stage the mood and energy of the show took a nosedive. Although they played some of their most popular songs the atmosphere and vibe of the show was drastically changed.

After 12 hours at the hospital Chad mercilessly was back for the second night. Luckily the second night went off without a hitch. Many bands would call the show off after an incident like this- but leave it to New Found Glory to go way above and beyond. The band finished the original set list with countless moments of crowd appreciation for their support through this difficult time. Their set was significantly longer the second day due to the absence of deadly electric shocks, and it had an upbeat mood and plenty of crowd participation. All the band members just seemed happy to have Chad back on stage with no major injury.

It is obvious to see why so many other bands idolize New Found Glory’s ability to put on a great show regardless of the circumstances. It is nice to see them returning to their roots despite their more recent hits throughout their 15 year history. Keep an eye out for their first live album in stores soon, and keep in mind the difficulty it took to make.

Review by: Eric Walden