Before their show on April 17, 2013 at the Gothic Theatre in Denver, CO, we caught up with lead singer, Orderus Urganus of GWAR via email and asked him about GWAR, their tour, etc. 

Alex Lucero: First off, I want to Thank you guys for this interview. What has been the most bizarre thing that has happened on this current tour, on or off the stage?

Orderus Urangus: Hmmm…thats a tough one. The whole thing is pretty bizarre. Things that are normal to us are bizarre to you guys. Like getting attacked by trolls. That happened the other day. people were screaming and on fire, and we were like, “chill out, this happens all the time”.

 AL: What do you guys think about Kim Jong-un making all these threats to the U.S.? gwar4

OU: I don’t know what to make of him, one minute he has President Obama as his guest, and they get along great, and then the next thing he wants to attack the US with nuclear weapons. And the other thing is that Obama dressed really weird when he went there, but I can’t say I didn’t like it.

 AL:You guys could probably make a song out of this situation and make a whole skit on tour, would that be something the band would want to do, or is that too controversial, even for GWAR?

OU: It would be bad if the band sucked. But hell, a lot of people think that anyway. All that matters is how we feel. And right now, being me feels pretty good! I mean, I do get paid to fuck midgets. 

 AL: What do you guys think of Exodus and Machine Head being banned from Disney properties? We’re surprised you guys haven’t been banned by the mouse, yet! 

OU: We got banned too after years of awesome shows at House of Blues Orlando. At least we are in good company. I’ve done coke with all those guys. Coke, and blow…


 AL: With everything that happened with Randy Blythe and the Czech Republic government, would you guys consider making a song from the situation? 

OU: No, that would be really stupid. Plus I am sure he is probably doing it already and hopefully making a shitload of money. Can he sue Czech Republic? He should, but just get hookers.

 AL: I’m sure many are wondering, so we’ll just ask, is there any plans to include Lamb of God in this years GWAR-B-Q?

OU: No they are on tour but one of these days we will talk/ pay them into it. I like to call the bass player Cum-Bowl. He was suprised when he heard it, I thought everybody called hime Cum-Bowl. I mean if I knew somebody named Campbell, and I do, I would call him cum-bowl, wouldn’t you?

 AL: Why haven’t the people at the Walking Dead contacted the band to have your music in their show? We can definitely see “Slaughterama” being used in the show. 

OU: Because they are too busy posing for autographed photos at HorrorCons at 350.00 a pop.

AL: If GWAR was forced to join forces with Zombies or Sparkly Vampires, who would they chose?  

OU: Niether they both suck! I would reject both and immediately shoot up urine.

 AL: We’ll, that’s gonna do it for questions! Is there anything else you guys would love to add before we end this interview?

OU: Yes! GWAR is preparing for a spate of summer shows, a GWAR-B-Q, a sauce, a beer, and finally a new album! And be sure to look for Oderus this June on a new season of “Holliston”.


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