Mod Sun

The World Series of Beach Volleyball was brought to Long Beach, CA and was held from July 22- July 28, 2013. We aren’t a sports site, so let’s get to the music. After each day of volleyball finished, fans were given a chance to watch a free concert with different artists each day. On July 25, 2013, Mod Sun, Cisco Adler, and Radical Something brought their reggae- “Hippy-hop” music to the crowd.


Although each artist was only allowed and given the time to perform 1-2 songs total, all the artists made their few songs feel worth while for fans to come out. Mod Sun clearly stole the show as he performed with Pat Brown and Cisco Adler, jumping around, high-fiving fans and making them smile. It was obvious that fans enjoyed it since after his two songs, the crowd chanted for an encore. Although he wasn’t allowed to do an encore, he invited the fans around the corner to hang out and meet him.

After about an hour and a half, all the fans were met, had their items signed and had photos with Mod Sun and the other performing artists. When all was said and done, we got to do yet another photo-shoot with Mod Sun. It was around 8:30-9:00pm and we were on the beach. We decided to do some vintage looking photos and hope you enjoy!