It was no doubt that Letlive would sell out a show in Los Angeles, CA but these Los Angeles natives were playing a special intimate show on September 4, 2013 to celebrate the release of their full length album, The Blackest Beautiful. On September 4, 2013 the band packed the Troubadour to the brim and played one of the most memorable shows the Troubadour has experienced. In the past couple of months, the Troubadour was graced by legends including Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails and AFI so Letlive had huge shoes to fill. DSC_4558

They opened the night off was Banshee (Ghost Fame), having a high school choir sing the intro. After that, everything became chaotic in the most positive way possible. Lead singer, Jason Butler dove into the crowd into open arms, lifting him up. There was a countless amount of crowd surfers and stage divers throughout the night which was encouraged by the band and it really put venue security to work, pushing people back into the crowd.



It’s always interesting watching someone like Jason Butler performing because he goes absolutely crazy, jumping off things and into people but he is also very humble. In between the chaos, Butler thanked everyone and said that he “felt something special”. As he spoke, his voice quaked as if he were going to cry. He and the band are truly thankful.

The band never let up with everyone giving it their all and the fans did the same, constantly crowd surfing, moshing and screaming along to the lyrics.  A short time into the set, Jason jumped on one of the band’s faux amplifiers and both the amp. and him toppled over. He continued to jump on top of the amp. and then lay under it. A crowd surfer came on stage and tried to help him up but Butler took his arm and both of them went under the amp as the band laughed and continued performing.


Breaking and jumping off of things is nothing new to Letlive as we first saw at Warped Tour this past summer but Butler took it to the extreme when he went on top of the balcony of the Troubadour and front flipped into the crowd. This man was born to perform and lead a band and that’s exactly what he is doing. If Letlive is coming to a city near you, please go support them. Their name and music is coming up and is reaching new fans everyday. And as I always like to say, even a deaf person would enjoy a Letlive concert.

Review by: Nicole Lemberg