Rock Allegiance Tour Featuring Volbeat

On Monday September 17, 2013, Volbeat made a stop to the Hollywood Palladium as part of the Rock Allegiance tour featuring All That Remains and the Finnish band, HIM.

So, Volbeat is back in the Los Angeles area and that can only mean one thing and this is that they will put on one hell of a rocking good show. If you’ve never seen them in an LA or OC venue, you are missing out. You’re not doing yourself a favor by missing out by what we call “the best bang for your buck.” What was unfortunate about last night was the amount of people who had left after HIM, leaving the Palladium a little less full than it was earlier. To those people who left: we hope you stay next time and keep an open mind about Volbeat. Volbeat (15)

Even though there weren’t as many people as there should of been, Volbeat still put a very impressive show to the people who stayed to watch a true rock show. Volbeat started off with Hallelujah Goat and continued on a rather catchy set-list that had everyone moshing, jumping, singing, and head-banging. For those who don’t know Volbeat, they are a band that combines rockabilly, metal, punk, and blues all into one style. The music has a beat that makes you want to just dance and head bang at the same time. It’s a weird formula, but it makes sense.

What makes Volbeat’s shows so special and fun is that the band looks like they’re enjoying themselves while they play. You can see Michael smiling in between his singing duties while bassist Anders Kjølholm is making faces at people while he strums his bass strings. Hell, even Robb Caggiano, the lead guitarist looks like he’s having a good time, and he usually looks like he’s the serious one of the group. Either way, their enjoyment in what they do translates well into the music they play and makes for a better show.

Songs of the night included Radio Girl, 16 Dollars, The Mirror and the Ripper, Fallen, A Warrior’s Call, Still Counting, Hangman’s Body Count, My Body, Doc Holiday, Dead but Rising, Lola Montez, and The Nameless One from their new album Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies. Volbeat (21)

The night ended with a very mini reunion of Anthrax as bassist Scott Ian joined the stage with former bandmate Rob Caggiano to do a quick cover of I am the Law. This was truly a special moment, and as fans of Anthrax, we were jumping and screaming for joy, even though we had already lost our voice halfway through the nights set. It’s nice to know that Scott and Rob are on good terms, and we’re glad to have been able to witness this moment between Anthrax and Volbeat. Can we hope to see a Volbeat and Anthrax tour anytime soon? One could only hope.

Come see the Rock Allegiance tour with Volbeat at a city near you!

Review by: Alex Lucero



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