May 5th, 2012 at the Carolina Rebellion in North Carolina, history was made as former guitarist Brian “Head” Welch was invited onto the stage while KoRn closed their headlining set to Blind’ Fans erupted with excitement and others remained in shock and disbelief. That night raised more questions than answers but as the moment sulked inside everyone’s minds, one thing was certain, something earth shattering was about to unveil. An announcement was shortly made thereafter which stated that Head would accompany the rest of the band on the road, playing international and national festivals. Fans welcomed Head into the band with open arms at every city, displaying a strong level of comradery and a rejuvenated brotherhood.korn (4)

May 2nd, 2013, the music world finally heard the news it was itching to deliver; Head had rejoined KoRn full time and would begin writing on the eleventh studio effort, bringing an end to the decade absence on the left part of the stage. Speculation and eagerness built inside every KoRn fan as they released their most sought after album in years. To accompany and promote The Paradigm Shift, KoRn scheduled a short tour consisting of nine dates and a live television performance at Jimmy Kimmel. Asking Alexandria and Head’s solo music project Love and Death supported the bill that covered the major metropolitan areas.

korn (6)The final stop took place in the city of sin, Las Vegas on October 12, 2013. Lead singer Jonathan Davis had stated earlier in the week that the band was highly under the weather with some attempting to break a few fevers but their health was not a factor live. The stage displayed reminiscent roots to their early years, straying away from massive props and pyrotechnics and returning to a massive backdrop logo with their signature stage cages filled with KoRn fans. The energy and spirit was displayed within the first minute on stage as drummer Ray Luzier kicked off the introduction to Blind. After Jonathan’s trademark scream “Are you ready?” crashed throughout the Pearl Theater, all hell broke lose and circle pits spread like wild fire.

The set list was well balanced, digging deep into the early hits to some obscured gems that are often overlooked such as Dead Bodies Everywhere and Did My Time, which resurfaced live this year. Guitarist Munky officially welcomed back his former counterpart Head and the audience exploded. Aside from the return of Head, what became unforgettable and equally adorable throughout the tour were the newly added members of KoRn. Jonathan and bassist Fieldy invited their children on stage as they sat on amps, stomped on stage and head banged in unison with their fathers. Jonathan was quick to state “earmuffs” between songs as he addressed the audience to respond with explicit expression; still the kids bounced back and forth adding an onstage presence that is nonexistent elsewhere. Of the seventeen song set list, four of them were from the Paradigm Shift, which received a strong response.korn (16)

KoRn has the rest of the month off before embarking on a seventeen-date tour with Rob Zombie titled “Night Of The Living Dreads.” Having toured multiple times in the past, these two bands are no strangers to strange. They will be accompanied by opening band Scar The Martyr, which features Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison on drums. The tour begins November 3rd in Reno, Nevada and concludes November 26th in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The Paradigm Shift was released October 8th and is currently available everywhere.


Twist Falling Away From Me

Love & Meth

Narcissistic Cannibal

Dead Bodies Everywhere

Coming Undone (preceded by Open Up Outro)

Did My Time

Shoots and Ladders / Somebody Someone

Never Never

Here to Stay

Y’All Want a Single

Prey For Me

Another Brick in the Wall (Pink Floyd cover)


Get Up!

Got the Life

Freak on a Leash

Review by: Jacob Gaitan