Five Finger Death Punch

October 22, 2013. Concrete Street Amphitheater. Corpus Christi, Texas

The house was packed with people of all ages, 7-55… The smell of sweat & cologne hung heavy in the thick south Texas air. Everyone was pumped up from the first three bands which included Everybody Panic, Gemini Syndrome and Miss May I & the crowed moved in closer together, pushing towards the front. Children were perched upon their fathers shoulders, fingers formed perfectly making the international symbol for heavy metal letting Five Finger Death Punch, know they are out there & that they’re ready for the ride of their life.5fdp (9)

The music over the loud speakers faded out & the lights dimmed to a black void. Nothing was viewable except the glow from 4000 smart phones. A low rumble began to come over the loud speakers & the crowed began screaming louder & pushing even closer than before.

5fdp (23)Five Finger Death Punch opened the show with their power house hit “Under & Over It” throwing the crowd into a metal injected frenzy that had enough energy to power Corpus Christi for a week. Mid guitar solo, front-man Ivan Moody, began enticing the crowed with circular finger gestures, as if he was needing to see the pit begin circling before he continued with his set. The crowd was more than happy to oblige to Moody.

The show continued with hits like Burn It Down & Hard to See on through to their phenomenal cover of Bad Company’s chart topper, Bad Company. Before the song began, Moody asked the war vets in the crowd to make their presence known, then asked the rest of the crowd to buy the vets a drink. Again, many members of the crowd were more than happy to oblige.

Half way through the set, Moody engaged the crowed with conversations of an anonymous fan & how they stalk their shows.5fdp (29)

He then directed the crowd’s attention towards a fellow donning a Guy Fawkes mask & outfit from the movie “V for Vendetta”. Moody, then started speaking to the anonymous fellow antagonizing him to come up on stage. After what seemed to be an eternity he finally joined the band on stage. Moody extended his hand in friendship to which the anonymous fan took his hand & shook it. The band proceeded to play Burn MF, rocking the crowed & the anonymous fellow hardcore.

After Guy Fawkes, exited the stage the band began playing Remember Everything & Battles Born acoustically sending the crowed into an awe filled ecstasy. Only to pick the show back up on its feet was Never Enough & their cover of LL Cool J’s number one hit Mama Said Knock You Out.

The band continued pleasing the crowed with Way of the Fist ending the show with two encores Far From Home & The Bleeding with one massive drum solo that sent people home with the echoes of the night.

Review by: Jared Wingate

Five Finger Death Punch

Everybody Panic

Gemini Syndrome

Miss May I