Falling in Reverse Acoustic Performance


The line stretched down Sunset Blvd. on October 30, 2013. Was it another Halloween Party before Halloween, I mean people were dressed up. The tourists looked on in awe from their Hollywood Tour Bus as it rolled passed the Roxy Theater, trying to understand what everyone was waiting for. Sunset Blvd; The Roxy Theater; people lined up wearing all black; it was clearly a concert for none other than Falling in Reverse. The band performed at the Roxy just a couple months prior, for their album release show but this show would prove to be nothing like their album release show as it would be an acoustic show with ticket sales benefiting the non-profit organization- Living the Dream Foundation.Falling in Reverse (6)

Aside from fans getting to experience an acoustic show from a not so acoustic band, everyone was also given a VIP experience without having to pay more than the cost of a ticket. The VIP treatment first began when the line started forming; posters of the band and tour laminates were given out to everybody and when fans finally entered the venue, they were greeted by the entire band themselves. They had their posters signed and took photos with the whole band and after that, they quickly rushed inside to get a spot by the stage. The whole signing and photo op took over 2 hours and cut into the time the band was supposed to go on stage but they wouldn’t stop until everyone was happy. As soon as the signing finished, the band ran backstage through the back entrance and started to prepare for their 2nd night of tour.

Falling in Reverse (18) Gossip filled the room as fans awaited Falling in Reverse; “Are they really going on tour with Escape the Fate!?”

“I so need to buy tickets to that show, it’s gonna be sick!”

At around 9:40 the music faded out and the stage curtain rose, all the band members were already in place, sitting on chairs with their acoustic instruments while drummer, Ryan Seaman sat on a wooden box which would be his drum set for the night. Front man Ronnie Radke stood tall in the middle of the stage, being praised with cheers from the crowd.Falling in Reverse (20)

The band performed their acoustic set with little to no flaws, making it seem as though acoustic show is what they do. They performed fan favorites including, I’m Not a Vampire; The Drug in Me Is You; Bad Girl Club; and Not Good Enough For The Truth And Cliché from Radke’s previous band, Escape the Fate. The fans went crazy when all the song were being played, and yes we mean crazy as in ‘there was a circle pit at an acoustic show’ type of crazy. The band members couldn’t help laugh when the circle pit broke out. In between songs a cardboard box was passed along by the band members, who picked out questions that fans wrote earlier. Many questions were fairly obvious to answer but the band didn’t mind questions like “What made you decide to write a new album” where they responded with “When we were done with our old one!” They went through an assortment of different questions and even did a sped up Happy Birthday song for one of the girl’s in the audience, per the request in the cardboard box.

All in all it was truly an “Evening with Falling in Reverse”; it wasn’t just some concert that fans went to listen to and then leave, the fans got to experience something amazing, meeting their favorite band, taking photos, having posters signed, asking them questions AND on top of it all listening to their songs acoustically, something Falling in Reverse doesn’t do very often. This is something that is truly worth the measly price of a ticket which is about 30.00, which is still less than some VIP packages that don’t even include tickets for some bands! This short, 14 stop tour won’t last long and tickets won’t last either so check out the link below and buy your tickets now! http://fallinginreverse.com/

Review by: Nicole Lemberg