Walking into the Selena Auditorium, the house was packed… It was a sold out show on October 27, 2013 in Corpus Christi, TX. Security was beefed up and they were having a meeting with the ushers, Television & Photojournalists, making sure we all knew our parts along with the rules of engagement. The photojournalists were rushed off down the corridor into the green room where the band waswaiting for their “Meet & Greet(s)

Foreigner, 10-27-13. Corpus Christi, Texas. Salena Auditorium (24)The Gregory Portland High School Choir of Portland, Texas were the winners of the Foreigner “I want to know what love is” contest & could be seen periodically walking up and down the hallways preshow, practicing for their part in the song I want to Know What Love is.

Classic rock was playing over the loud speakers in the venue… Ushers were helping people out with their seat assignment(s) as the Gregory Portland High School Choir walked up & down the aisles selling Foreigner CD’s & raffle tickets for a chance to win a Guitar autographed by the Foreigner.

Mothers were accompanied by their sons, Fathers accompanied by their daughters, couples embraced in encouraging squeezes as they enthusiastically awaited Foreigner to come on stage. Looking back at the crowd of people from all race & creeds, each one donning a Foreigner shirt of some kind. Some reading Urgent, others saying: Cold as IceI want to know what love is Feels like the first time Both bought, bootlegged & homemade. All showing their love & support for one of the world’s top selling bands…Foreigner, 10-27-13. Corpus Christi, Texas. Salena Auditorium (52)

One by one the band began taking the stage, starting with the keyboard & backing vocalist Michael Bluestein, followed by Chris Frazier, former drummer for Eddie Money Whitesnake… Bruce Watson, former guitarist for Rod Stewart & co-founding member of the 80’s Alternative band Big CountyJeff Pilson, co-founder of 80’s Hair-Metal band Dokken, Tom Gimble, former keyboardist & backing vocals for Steven Tyler & Aerosmith, and finally singer & song writer Kelly Hansen.

The unmistakable guitar intro to Double Vision began the show, sending the crowd to their feet yelling, on into their hits Head Games and Cold as Ice. Kelly Hansen then started swooning the female fans in the crowd with their hit “Waiting for a Girl like You”, only to slow the crowd with Blue Morning Blue Day.

After a quick break Kelly Hansen engaged a couple of fans from the audience in conversations & questions about rather or not their phone call(s) were indeed so important that they needed to take it during this fine performance. To which the crowd began laughing & cheering Kelly Hansen on. The band continued the night playing Dirty White Boy, enticing the women as Hansen shook his bum like a young Mick Jagger. Half way through the set. Kelly Hansen started introducing the members of the band, as they all came forward to perform Say You Will acoustically. Around the venue husbands slow danced with their wives & girlfriends down the aisles. People approached the stage having their friends, family or significant others take photos of themselves while the band put on a phenomenal show behind them…

Foreigner, 10-27-13. Corpus Christi, Texas. Salena Auditorium (388)Hit after hit kept coming from the band including Feels like the First Time and Urgent. Followed by a major face melting keyboard & drum solo. While the rest of the band went backstage to regroup, the drummer Chris Frazier, while performing his drum solo poured bottled water onto the toms and continued beating them, causing the water to jump 6 & 7 feet in the air with every beat.

Foreigner then regrouped back on stage to do their chart topper Juke Box Hero & three encores. Starting with “Long, Long Way from Home” then was joined on stage by The Gregory Portland, High school Choir to perform, I Want to Know What Love Is.… Kelly Hansen would not begin the song until he was for sure everyone in the crowd had their arm around somebody for that song. The crowd sung their hearts out along with Foreigner & the choir, belting the lyrics out verbatim. Foreigner left the crowd wanting more by finishing the night up with another of their chart toppers Hot Blooded.

The phenomenal night could be read on the smiles & excitement embedded on each individual face… Old & Young alike.

Review by: Jared Wingate 

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