Halloween Masquerade Ft. Robin Thicke and Jason Derulo

The weekend before Halloween only means two things in Los Angeles: costume parties and music. What better way to combine these two Halloween traditions than to throw a masquerade for the party people of Los Angeles;  AMP 97.1 Radio did exactly that on October 26, 2013.

The Hollywood Palladium hosted the radio station’s masquerade party featuring a costume contest and live music acts from Robin Thicke, Jason Derulo, and a DJ set by the Super Mash Bros, who literally let people dance the night away. People came dressed as the year’s hottest pop culture personas which were fun to a certain point to look at, but the ones that really stood out were the ones that made you do a triple-take to see how amazing their outfits were.Costumes  (7)

Walking into the Palladium fans see one of the radio stations DJ’s dressed as Jack from Jack in the Box entertaining people with the same music you’d hear if you turn your car radio on but soon enough, Robin Thicke and company came out to bring the real entertainment. As soon as he hit the stage, the ladies in attendance were blowing out ear drums, but luckily, you could still hear Robin Thicke serenade over the loud screams of the females in attendance.

Even though Robin Thicke had an hour to play, we were still able to get a full blown concert experience. Thicke had several beautiful backup singers along with a full band to play his music as he sang and occasionally played the piano. The band, backup singers, and Thicke all played exceptionally well together which made this set more enjoyable.Robin Thicke (9)

After a very quick set change, Jason Derulo came to the stage with a DJ and a few back up dancers. He would occasionally sing every other six words while doing a few pop and lock dance routines. It was entertaining for about 5 minutes, but quickly grew old, especially since we just witnessed Robin Thicke sing his lungs out. Looking around the venue you could see people waiting for a more entertaining way to dance the night away.

Ending the night with a DJ set was the Super Mash Bros who lifted everyone’s spirits by playing a lot of great club tunes. We stayed to get a feel of what they were going to bring for the rest of the night, and they definitely were a great way to end a decent night at the Palladium. If Amp radio continues this masquerade show, we’d like to see a wider selection of music besides two R&B artists, back to back.

Review by: Alex Lucero

Robin Thicke

Jason Derulo