The Deftones

Touring for the band’s 2012 release of Koi Yo Nokan,  The Grammy winning, Alternative rock band, Deftones kicked off November and played their last show of their 2013 tour on November 1, 2013 at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles, CA. After performing throughout October in support of Avenged Sevenfold, The Deftones ended their touring streak of 2013 with a headlining show in their home state of California to a sold out crowd.Deftones (31)

The band hit the stage rather early for a headlining act, at around 8:50, but who says the party starts late at night? The Deftones made it very clear they didn’t need to go on three hours later to put on a good show as some bands assume. They opened their 26 song set list with Feiticeira off of their 2000 release of White Pony. Front man, Chino Moreno was unmistakably the commanding officer of the show, running and jumping in between his grueling, while pleasing screams into the microphone. Bassist Sergio Vega was also one to keep an eye on, as he constantly ran to the very tip of the stage reaching his bass out into the audience. Unlike Moreno and Vega, guitarist, Stephen Carpenter seemed more focused and stood in place, a fan blowing his hair, while he strummed with closed eyes and a bobbing head. Drummer Abe Cunningham was perfectly in between, not being too wild, while not being too reserved. He put on an entertaining performance, without being over the top.Deftones (16)

It was nice to see the Deftones perform a large array of songs, from 6 different albums. After only being able to perform 11 songs while on tour with Avenged Sevenfold, The Deftones showed everyone what they were really all about. They performed favorites such as, Diamond Eyes; Changes; Rocket Skates as well as Teenager for the first time since 2004. There encore included Engine No.9 where Christian Olde Wolbers of Fear Factory came out on stage and played guitar and the night ended with 7 Words. The energy throughout the night never decreased, they kept the intensity up, song after song, after song and the fans loved every second of it.

Review by: Nicole Lemberg