Blink 182

If there is one band that has helped shape a generation of music lovers, it would be blink-182. With the anticipated 10-year anniversary shows for their Untitled album lined up in Los Angeles, the band took time out of their busy schedule to perform an intimate show at KROQ’s Redbull Soundspace on November 7, 2013.
As to no surprise, the setlist consisted mostly of tracks off of the album they’re celebrating. Since this wasBlink 182 (10) not a typical performance, the setlist only consisted of six songs. Five of the six songs were from the Untitled album. Going through the singles of the album, starting with the opening track, Felling This, the fans were reminded just how many singles this band has had over their 21 year career. It was clear that the trio was enjoying every moment of this show.

Despite the show being at 11:45 AM on a Thursday, everyone was on point and sounded great through every song. At the start of Violence, Travis Barker played a brief, but powerful drum solo that got the crowd even more excited for the song to come.

Right before they closed their set with Dammit, Mark Hoppus told the crowd that KROQ asked them to play five songs, so they were going to do six. Dammit was followed by Family Reunion, so in actuality you could say the set had seven songs; not bad for a morning performance.

Blink 182 (2)At the end of the show, Stryker from KROQ hosted a brief Q&A with the band, asking details about their extensive history. Since the band is focusing on the Untitled album for this group of shows, Stryker asked how the recording process was different for it compared to the other albums. Tom Delong described how this was the first album that they did not care how long it would take or how much money it would cost; it was going to be done to their satisfaction. He then went on to describe the house in which they recorded the album. Hearing the process that the band went through to record the iconic album brought insight to those lucky enough to attend and those viewing the live stream, into how important this album is in blink-182’s catalog.

Since it is extremely rare for Blink-182 to play shows to 150 fans, the KROQ performance was a special once in a lifetime experience. When asked the last time the band played a venue that small, Hoppus described a show they recently played at a venue on the east coast with 600 in attendance, but could not think of the last time they were in a 150 person venue. Despite the set only having six songs, the entire experience was something that was greatly appreciated by all.

Once the show was over, fans received a commemorative poster for the specific Redbull Soundspace show. There was not a single person leaving the venue that was not “smiling from ear to ear”.

Review by: Brittany Hanna