Street Drum Corps “Misfit X-Mas”

Even before the 19th century, Friday, the 13th was considered an unlucky day according to most Western and Eastern superstitions and beliefs. But this Friday, the 13th was something many Los Angeles natives actually looked forward to. Why, you ask? Well because the Street Drum Corps were finally back in their home-town, at the legendary Roxy Theater on Sunset Blvd., and were gearing up to play their Misfit X-Mas show.SDC (17)

After their residency in Los Vegas, NV, which lasted for a couple months, The Street Drums Corps brought all their Vegas antics when they finally returned for a show in their town. After a slew of openers, who played until Saturday, the 14th, the curtains finally rose up at around 12:05am for the main act. Strobes flashed, and cheers echoed through the room. One by one, Bobby Alt, Adam Alt and Frank Zummo entered onto the stage, each standing behind their own drum bin. The screams grew louder and the band began banging on their recycled drum bins.

Because 90% of Street Drum Corps include drummers, it’s interesting to see that there is  only one actual drum set, which was placed at the back of the stage, in front of a grunge like, aluminum Christmas tree. Most of the items the band use include old washing machines, chainsaws, buckets, and other things that really, anyone can find in the garbage. But their dirty, grunge look and performance is what makes Street Drum Corps different than any other drumming band.

SDC (26)In between his own beats, singer, Bobby Alt was constantly interacting with the audience; he wanted them to be part of the show, not just watch it. In between verses of a song, he gave cooking pots to the fans to hold up and then he proceeded to do a mini pot-drum solo, which only brought more cheers into the room. Dancers also graced the stage, and whether they were walking on stilts that were twice their height, or dancing with the band, their presence really made the show feel like an amazing Vegas performance that people would pay a lot to see.

The band performed a series of amazing songs, with drum solos in between and almost half way through their set, Zummo, Bobby and Adam Alt, went off stage and right into the audience, making a drum circle in the middle of the pit. Their dancers followed, swinging flashing lights, making the performance more interesting.

But this wouldn’t be a SDC show without special guests, now would it? The special guests this time around SDC (33)included Roy Mayorga, drummer of Stone Sour; Hunter Burgan, bassist of AFI; and Ryan Shuck, singer part of Julien-K. Each of the special guests brought their own energy which just made the show, one to remember. The band performed songs including, Knock Me Out, SDC X and it wouldn’t be a Christmas show without their rendition of the popular Christmas tune, The Grinch.

            All in all, this show was probably better than any Christmas party that was going on, or that will be going on this year. It ‘s a show that is perfect for everyone- kids and adults alike, as their show is nothing that anyone has seen before. And for the most part, drummers never get any sort of recognition for all that they do so it’s nice to see how so many people were really into their performance, jumping and singing along the whole way through. If these Punk-percussion rockers are going to be in your city anytime soon, make sure to buy your tickets. It’s a show unlike any other and is something you will regret not seeing.

Review by: Nicole Lemberg