August Burns Red Annual Christmas Show 2013

The August Burns Red Annual Christmas show kicked off at Freedom Hall in Lancaster PA on December 15, 2013. The venue was packed. The band collected donations at the door for Toys For Tots and were overwhelmed with the amount of participation. It was a long but exciting day. If I were to put together my dream tour package it would look a lot like this lineup give or take. For any kid that loves music this show is ideal for an early Christmas present. Jason Butler of Letlive had broke his hand earlier on tour and still went nuts by jumping into the crowd. Fans weren’t messing around, the show was so packed with diehard fans that by the time Every Time I Die came on, the center of the barricade began to collapse while guitarists continued jumping up and down –practically doing splits in the air and flailing their guitars around; the stage was exploding with energy. Fans were screaming along to the point where their veins were bursting from their necks. There were crowd surfers, of all ages everywhere, as well as HUGE circle pits. The headlining act took the stage and left the crowd raging even harder than before. August Burns Red’s stage presence was just insane. They closed out the night playing a great selection including songs such as Provision, Fault Line and Cutting The Ties from their current album, Rescue & Restore and fan favorites such as Back Burner and Marianas Trench from their previous records while on a stage decked out for the Christmas holiday. The guys’ performance was nothing short of amazing and what an incredible way to kick start the holidays!

Review by: Liana Marie

August Burns Red

Everytime I Die



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