In This Moment

Hellpop tour featuring In This Moment at H.O.M.E. in Chicago, IL

In This Moment is:

Maria Brink – Vocals

Chris Howorth – Lead Guitar

Travis Johnson – Bass

Randy Weitzel – Guitar

Tom Hane – Drums

Hard to believe that two years have passed since the release of the album, BLOOD and on February 4, 2014 in Chicago they ended the album’s tour run.  Playing in front of a packed house on a Tuesday night and a winter storm in effect did not stop fans from coming to see In This Moment.

In This Moment H.O.M.E. 2-4-14 Chicagoland  (11)ITM have overcome losing members in the band as well as coming out with an album that years from now becomes the album fans will talk about as the new direction they are heading.  If you’ve never seen ITM live, then you’re missing out on one of the best shows put on by a rock band.  Maria Brink, who has been voted the hottest chick in Metal, stunningly beautiful, has powerhouse vocals that can pierce the night with her screams to quiet whispers that make you want to get closer.

Opening the show with Rise with Me which was followed by Adrenalize, set the mood right away as two dancers with white masks came crawling onstage as they conversed in the middle to the command of Brink, playing a few songs from BLOOD, Beast Within, Burn, and Whore as well as a good mixture from their past albums.

One of the highlights of the show was when Brink sang Into the Light, a slow song that allows Brink’s vocals to shine. They followed this with a cover of Nine Inch Nails’, Closer.  While it could be easy for Brink to steal the show with her looks and singing, this is not the case.In This Moment H.O.M.E. 2-4-14 Chicagoland (7)

With Chris & Randy on guitars, they looked like mythical gods playing away on their guitars – Chris, with his dreadlocks flaying away like snakes ready to strike and Randy with his long, dirty-blonde hair flying and his makeup creating a stunning effect.  Travis on Bass, plays with a mask that covers his face from the eyes down and delivers some deep, grumbling bass line.  For drummer Tom Hane, this was a coming home show as he is from the Chicagoland area and showcased his skills with a killer drum solo.

They closed out the show by going back to the first album and playing Prayers, Next life, and Daddy’s Falling Angel and Whore, in which Brinks wore a dunce cap with the word, whore on it.  As the crowd begged and screamed for an encore, they were not disappointed as the band came back.  Brink thanked the crowd for all the support given to them for the last two years and announced they have joined Atlantic Records for the next album which they would be writing very soon.  She then asked the crowd what do they want and they screamed back, “BLOOD!!!!!!”

With that, they played Blood giving the crowd what they wanted.

Review by Peter Lizano