The Wild Feathers

A light snow started to fall in Boston, as the crowd gathered for The Wild Feathers headlining show at the Brighton Music Hall in Allston, MA on February 9, 2014.

                The first opening band was Jamestown Revival, a Southern rock band from Texas, made up of longtime friends Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance.  It was immediately evident that the two had a close bond, as they played off each other very well on stage.  All of their songs were rooted with life stories, personal experiences and amazing harmonies.  The band played the majority of their new album, Utah, closing with the song California (Cast Iron Soul), which they played on the Conan O’Brien show in January.

             Wild Feathers (15)   Up next was Saints of Valory, who are currently from Texas, but formed their band in Brazil.  When lead singer Gavin Jasper introduced the band to the crowd, his comment about keyboardist Stephen Buckle was that he went to Brazil for a month, and ended up staying for 4 years.  That was obviously the point where they knew there was something special.  The tight-knit band played a strong set, coming mainly from their debut EP Possibilities.  Fans of the band recognized their big hit, Neon Eyes, which also has its video being played on Billboard and MTV.

                Taking the stage to end the night was The Wild Feathers, a Southern/American rock band from Nashville, comprised of four lead singers, all with incredible voices.  The band has found a niche in the market, as they combine music from many diverse backgrounds, including gospel, country and rock.  Their set consisted of their entire debut album, The Wild Feathers, as well as one new song.  Their huge hit, The Ceiling, closed out their regular set, and they ended the night with a bang – an amazing performance of The Weight by The Band, with both Jamestown Revival and Saints of Valory joining them on stage.

                As the crowd exited the venue, they were welcomed by a few inches of fresh snow that had fallen during the show.  Nobody seemed one bit surprised – welcome to winter in New England!

Review by: Dave Gannon

Wild Feathers

Jamestown Revival

Saints of Valory