We Butter the Bread With Butter

Interview with Marcel from We Butter the Bread with Butter 2014


Soundcheck411: You guys released your last album in 2013, do you have anything in the works for now?

WB: We have some songs we written so far in the tour bus. We’re planning on doing some music videos this year and producing new songs this year. I think the next album will be out early 2014.


Soundcheck411: Being that you guys are from Germany, what’s your favorite part about touring America?

WB: It’s all the great landscapes. Beautiful mountains, beautiful oceans, beautiful beach, and the forests. Everything is so much more exciting than being in Germany. We try to see as much as possible.


Soundcheck411: What’s your least favorite part being in America?

WB: For me, it’s being vegan. There’s a lot of meat everywhere. And I’m tired of eating French fries from McDonalds. (laughing)


Soundcheck411: Every time you leave home, what’s something you always have to bring with you?

WB: More light stuff on stage. We want to display the same show here as we do in Germany.


Soundcheck411: Growing up what was your guys’ biggest musical influences?

WB: The list is very very long. And mixed with different types of music. A lot of good metal music. Also, a lot of pop music.


Soundcheck411: Where is one place you guys haven’t been that you want to go?

WB: For me, it’s Australia because of all the beautiful landscapes. And also seeing our music in some Chinese areas would be righteous.


Soundcheck411: What bands are you currently listening to?

WB: For me it’s Linkin Park. We also like to listen to Rammstein. The other guys are listening to some modern punk or whatever they listen to. We all have very different taste in music. But in the band, it all works together.


Soundcheck411: What’s your most memorable moment on tour?

WB: I think the last time we played in Hollywood it was really cool. I looked around at all the pictures and saw Jimi Hendrix and realized I was playing on the same stage that he did.


Soundcheck411: Who’s the biggest trouble maker in the band?

WB: Maybe it’s me because I take things too seriously often (laughing). I look for problems somewhere and try to fix them and end up making a problem.


Soundcheck411: What do you guys like to do on the road as a group?

WB: We just like to go see as much as possible and all the attractions that we don’t have in Germany.


Soundcheck411: Where is your favorite place to eat while you’re in America?

WB: Well because I’m vegan there is a diner that’s in America called Diner 5 or 5 diner. But whichever it is, they had a vegan menu.


Soundcheck411: When you come to America, where do you find your biggest fan bases?

WB: I was very surprised about Anaheim, California the last time we were here. They didn’t know who we were, but the whole sold out show was into who we were. Also, Texas has been very good to us.


Soundcheck411: Do you guys like to party or are you more relaxed and chill?

WB: We’re very relaxed. Some people say we are too shy. We have to learn to be rockstars.


Soundcheck411: Do you guys have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? And which one do you guys use the most?

WB: We have all of those. As a band we use Facebook the most because we’re able to connect with the fans more, but we all have our personal Instagram’s.


Soundcheck411: Is there anyone is your family or personal life that pushed you and supported you the most?

WB: For me it’s my family and they’ve always been supportive of my music. I did everything it took to get a guitar and learn to play. Everyone’s family has been really supportive even though we haven’t made money up to this point, but they still were behind us all the way. So they’re always reaching out to help us.