Interview with Psychostick

Forefathers of Humorcore, Psychostick take everything metal to the next level with a comedic edge. Alongside bands like Tenacious D, Andrew W.K, and Deathklock, Humorcore has found a niche fan base who love to laugh, party, and mosh to their hearts content. Formed in 2000, Psychostic took a somewhat unique stance in their song writing process and stage presence by never taking themselves too seriously. While other metal bands tackled inner demons with their lyrics, Psychostick sang about boobs and sandwiches. After the release of their most recent album Space Vampires vs. Zombie Dinosaurs in 3-D, and their upcoming headlining tour, Soundcheck411 writer, Eric Walden reached out to Psychostick to find out what makes them tick, and see how they keep the fun humorcore. Rob “Rawrb” Kersey and Josh “The J” Key were more than happy to show exactly how they keep the party going with a hilarious interview full of tour stories, video games, web comics, and yes even pudding.


Eric:  Now that Psychostick has toured all over the world since 2000, where was the most disgusting bathroom you’ve ever seen?

Josh:  Ooooh, that’s a tough one, we have seen things that cannot be unseen. But one in particular that comes to mind was a club in South Carolina… the sink was broken in half and unusable. If you turned the sink on, water would just spill right on the floor before it hit the drain. I remember someone shoved a beer-bottle in the toilet, too. The urinal is the only thing that was usable.


Rob:  Yeah, that’s the one I recall being horrendous. Anything that has a pissing trough needs to be killed with fire. 


PsychostickEric:  If your car is a “Two Ton Paper Weight” what would be your favorite car to replace it with?


Josh: This car. Although it probably doesn’t get the best gas mileage.


Rob: I’m wantin’ one of those fancy Tesla cars. OMG. Traveling via lightning sounds like fun. 


Eric:  Obey the Beard has proven my life will not be complete until I grow a beard as epic as the ones in your music video. What facial hair products would you recommend to help me grow the sexiest beard possible?


Josh:  You don’t buy product, you make the product. And that product is man sweat from wielding heavy things. A lots of it.


Rob:  Lift heavy things. Punch bad guys. Beard will ensue. 


Eric:  The intro track of your third album Space Vampires v.s. Zombie Dinosaurs in 3-D lists off all the best parts of a metal show, but I’m still curious. What metal song has the best baseline to “tickle your genitals”?


Josh:  I always that the beginning of “Take My Scars” by Machine Head has a bass line that tickles these particular genitals.


Rob:  Too Close to Hate by Sevendust. Bassy. 


Eric:  Psychostick’s Intervention for a Good Mood showed me there is plenty of “hate weight” out there. What celebrity gives you the most hate weight?


Josh:  Honestly, celebrity gossip shows in general give me hate weight. We could be focused on something like, I don’t know… solving world hunger or going to SPACE. But instead? A CELEBRITY IS DATING ANOTHER CELEBRITY OMG IT’S SO IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!


Rob:  Those pop starts making comebacks deserve metric tons of hate weight, like Miley, Beiber, and Justin Cyrus. Psychostick2


Eric:  In what city did you get the most drunk on tour?


Josh: Des Moines, IA. It was my birthday. I was laying in the grass outside a hotel by the end of the night. The grass was just more comfortable than walking inside. All those stairs and shit.


Rob: Probably Flint, MI. They like to be generous when you’re playing there. Aaaah… 


Eric:  Psychostick has a sensual acoustic anti-love song titled Orgasm = Love. Do you think any celebrity would be able to live up to your requirements for love listed in the song?


Rob: Tara Reid. She’s perfect and probably willing since she hasn’t had work in a while. :] 


Eric:  If you think P is best letter in the alphabet because it starts the name of the greatest band ever what letter do you think is the worst, and why?


Josh:  Q. I mean seriously, it thinks it’s so quaint. We should replace it with kw, and kwickly. 


Rob:  W. What sort of letter has three syllables? DOUBLE YOU?!


Eric:  In your song Numbers, members of Psychostick count to four with all the aggression and intensity of Drowning Pool’s hit song Bodies. What are four things you like to do when you’re not playing shows?


Josh:  I like cooking, video games, watching stupid internet videos, and not being dead.


Rob:  I like to draw my web comic, play an unholy amount of video games, and do web development. I also coffee quite a bit. 


Eric:  In Die…A Lot you talk about how eventually everyone has to die. If you could choose how you died, how would you kick the bucket?


Josh:  Death by a flying, tornado-hurled semi-truck. It would have to be picked up and dropped on me AT LEAST 200 feet in the air for me to be satisfied, though.


Rob:  In an epic 1800s wild west rocket launching. They had rockets in Deadwood, right?


Pyschostick 3Eric:  If you could give “Girl Directions” to Justin Bieber where would you send him?


Josh:  To a bank. To withdraw money, then to my house, to give me the money.


Rob:  I can’t top that answer. Although, the next stop would be into some sort of smoldering volcano. 


Eric:  Rob; You also work on web comics for based on tour situations. I ran into one where you and Corey Taylor get into a bit of a scuffle. Did you attend Stone Sour’s most recent tour when it came to Arizona? He might not want Slipknot in your comics, but I think Stone Sour is fair game.


Rob: I did not attend that tour. I would probably try to combine both of his bands or something into a silly name. Stone Knot! Slip Sour! Eeeh… maybe not.


Eric:  Rob; I Also I found  one of the first comics you drew for the site about thinking of ideas on the toilet. What is the best idea you thought of on the toilet.


Rob:  Probably that very comic. o_o 


Eric:  Ok, last comic related question.  I found a comic about injecting music (like drugs) instead of listening to it. If we gain the technology to do this in the future, what genre of music would have the most addicted fans, and why?


Rob:  Probably humorcore, because we’re kind of the only ones making that genre, and we’d horde all the cash and start a dictatorship. 


Eric:  I’ve done a few interviews with metal bands from Japan, Australia, Sweden, and the United States. I’ve learned a lot, but I’ve never had any of them ask me a question. Do you guys have any questions for me?


Josh:  Yes. What’s a question you wish you could ask bands but fear getting punched in the face for asking it?


Eric:  “Have you guys ever thought about going back to school?” It sounds kind of insulting to ask a band to call it quits, but I am really interested to know if the thought of finishing college still crosses their minds after all they have accomplished. Essential punk figures like: Jack Girsham of TSOL, Mike Burkett of NOFX, and Hennery Rollins could contribute so much in a philosophy discussion. Too bad the band members or fans could take it out of context, or with the wrong tone, and acceptably, punch me in the face.


Rob:  If you could launch pudding at a celebrity, who would it be and what flavor of pudding? 


Eric:  That’s got to be Cameron Diez. I was watching a few old documentaries where she travels the world and is so inconsiderate to culture when she enters third world countries with different traditions. It gives me some major hate weight. I would love to see her face if the paparazzi started throwing tapioca because of her inability to acknowledge the importance of a different culture.


Eric:  What would you title this interview?


Josh: Psychostick: Check Them Out Or They Will Hunt You Down.


Rob:  The Interviewening with the Pleasant Smelling Psychostick 


Eric:  Lastly, is there anything else you would like to say to the Soundcheck411 readers?


Josh:  If you don’t listen to Psychostick, we will find your location on Foursquare, hunt you down, knock on your door and say, “Hey? Why didn’t you listen to Psychostick? It really hurt our feelings, so much that we felt we had to tell you in person rather than over email or on the phone. Sorry if this seems creepy.”


Rob: Invest in Psychostick! The returns are null and stupid!