We Are the In Crowd

We Are The In Crowd

March 6, 2014

In The Venue- Salt Lake City, Utah


             The Reunion Tour 2014  came rolling at In The Venue on March 6, 2014 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Headlining the show was We Are The In Crowd for their album release, Weird Kids.

             Starting off the concert with tons of energy was the band Set It Off. Cody Carson, front-man of Set It Off,  was all over the stage, constantly reaching out to his screaming fans.  He even leaped into the wild crowd several times.  Every song had a story behind it, and Carson explained it like a story, throughout their set.

            Artist, William Beckett, suddenly appeared on stage to sing part of Set It Off’s song, Partners In Crime, with Carson. Carson ended the set by leaping one last time to the fans, which lead them to beg Carson to do it once more.

            Beckett soon started to play his acoustic guitar on stage, and added some of his sense of humor to entertain the crowd.  Beckett also explained how his relationship with Cody Carson developed through song writing.  He then welcomed Carson to join him on stage to sing the song preview they wrote together on that very same day.

            Lights dimmed as We Are the In Crowd entered the stage starting with their hit song, The Best Thing (That Never Happened). Taylor Jardine, front-woman of We Are The In Crowd, mentioned how it has been a year and half since they last time came with Every Avenue.  After they finished up the convert, they left the stage empty which also left fans sad. Fans chatted the band  name for one last song.  We Are The In Crowd decided to rush back on stage for the encore the fans begged for. The final songs played for the night were Both Sides Of The Story and Rumor Mill. The two songs were perfect to end the concert and as well as a wild night. Catch their Reunion Tour if it’s coming to a city near you.

Review by: Daisy Beltran

We Are In The Crowd

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