The Green Party

The Green Party

March 21, 2014

The Silver Spur- Kingsville, TX

            Friday, March 21, 2014, The Green Party played Kingsville, TX to a packed house at the Silver Spur, a classy private club, tucked within the Wild Horse Mall.

The rock-reggae group started their set off with a very catchy tune that had the crowd’s attention as soon as the first note hit. Can’t Keep I Down, had heads bobbing from all generations and music lovers of all kinds. Their phenomenal set continued with Big Fat Funky Booty which had a majority of the women in the venue applauding the amazing track.

The Green Party (7)Justin Estes, lead vocals and guitar wowed the crowd with hi amazing voice while Booby Salazar played the sax with amazing jass undertones and talent that can only come with years of experience. Trombone player, Andrew Arismende put down hi trombone to join percussionist, Daniel Velasquez on bongos while Hector Gomez pulled off phenomenal drum solos. Bassist, Ronnie Gomez kept the band in line with his sensational bass lines. Instant hits came from the band like Lonely Avenue, Sun is Shining & Charade. Only to blow the crowd away with their cover of Hall & Oats, Man Eater followed by another amazing cover of Easy, a Commorodores classic from 1977.

After a brief intermission, The Green Party continued their remarkable set with an amazing track, Divide & Conquer followed by Superstition and a funny track called Titties & Beer. Their fantastic set continued with Vaca Loca, Shoulders, Love Ain’t Going to Let You Down, and Sad Day. Leaving the crowd in amazement with two encores, Reggae Medley, an awesome cover of Bobby McFerrin’s Don’t Worry, Be Happy; a nostalgic blast frm the past with a marvelous reggae beat and guitar.

Keep an eye out for these up and coming Texans with their Reggae style. It is this journalist’s humble opinion that this is something everyone will enjoy no matter what your musical preferences are.

Review by: Jared Wingate