March 30, 2014

Brewster Street Icehouse- Corpus Chrisit, TX

            Hot Texas heat mixed with a cool ocean breeze set the evening of March 30, 2014 Corpus Christi… Entering the venue the first thing noticed was an array of Queensryche & Hurricane concert t-shirts ranging from way back in the early 80’s to now.  Fans from each decade were there representing their love for Geoff Tates Queensryche. 80’s Glam-Rock band, Hurricane opened the night with a face melting guitar solo by co-founding member Robert Sarzo, former Ozzy Osbourne, guitarist Robert Sarzo, was the original Randy Rhodes replacement after Randy’s untimely death in March of 1982. Hurricane members then played their original Girls Are out Tonight,  sending the ladies at the venue into a screaming frenzy… Following was Take What You Want and original from the days of Mtv’s, Head Bangers Ball, sending people into a nostalgic blast from the past complete with head-banging & neck-cramps… After which they played their self-titled song Hurricane a powerhouse track full of crunchy bass by cofounding member, Tony Cavazos.

          Queensryche (1)  Their phenomenal night continued with their song Insane, a catchy track with loads heavy guitar & bass riffs sure to catch the ear of even the newer generations & generations to come. After the cheers and applause calmed down, lead singer Andrew Freeman (former backup vocals & touring guitarist for The Offspring) introduced the band members, continuing the night with an outstanding cover of Alice Coopers Eighteen ending their set with two chart topping singles Over The Edge & I’m On To You only to leave the crowd screaming & wanting more…

            It wasn’t long before Robert Sarzo returned to the stage yet again as lead guitarist, but this time for Queensryche. Opening with a bang, the crowd going wild, one by one the members of Queensryche joined Sarzo on stage to play in entirety, their album Operation Mindcrime. Fans of all walks-of-life were in attendance, concert goers were holding signs in the crowd expressing their love for Geoff Tate & his Queensryche… Anarchy X began their phenomenal set. The crowd’s cheers kept growing louder & louder as the band played on. The band continued with Revolution Calling sending the crowd to cheer even louder. The night continued with their title track Operation Mindcrime following that was Speak, wowing the crowd with his angelic like metal voice that can only be recognized as Geoff Tates. The night continued with a world-class 10 minute drum solo by Brian Tichy, former drummer for Whitesnake, Billy Idol, and Foreigner as well as Ozzy Osbourne. Spreading the Disease began playing while the drum-solo was still Queensryche (16)going hard & hard & heavy. Spreading the Disease was described by Geoff Tate, as being about terrorism & hate in our world. The song is full of awesome guitar solos and even catchier bass riffs. The unmistakable guitar whining began the following song The Mission sending hands flying in unison to the beat. The crowd sang along with Geoff Tate, as if they wrote the lyrics themselves. Melodic guitar and bass began the next song Suite Sister Mary with creepy catholic, Greek chanting followed by some light cymbal crashes & floor tom hits. Geoff Tate’s beautiful voice began singing the lyrics to the song while sirens whaled in the background with operatic voices ringing clear from keyboardist, Randy Gane. Soon after Tate, was joined on stage by none-other than British born Canadian rocker Sarah “Sass” Jordan…

The Needle Lies started paying immediately after, a fast paced track reminiscent of the speed metal days, with fast double bass hits & even faster guitars. The night continued with amazing hits like Electric Requiem; Breaking the Silence; I don’t Believe in Love; Waiting for 22; My Empty Room,  & ending their set with Eyes of a Stranger The fans were far from done though… The fans began chanting “ENCOE, ENCORE, ENCORE, ENCORE, ENCORE!” 

Queensryche made it back on stage to complete a 4 song Encore with their number one singles of all time. Silent Lucidity, left a lot of people with tear s in their eyes, including this fellow… Followed by Best I Can; Jet City Woman, & Empire.The crowd went crazy with cheers and applause. You can tell by reading the fans faces that they did not want this night to end… Not one bit!

 Review by: Jared Wingate