Lacuna Coil

Lacuna Coil

April 6, 2014

Brewster Street Icehouse- Corpus Christi, Texas


            Brewster Street Icehouse did it again ladies and gentlemen, bringing another huge lineup to the Corpus Christi area.Walking into the very familiar venue, there was a very familiar feeling, the feeling something amazing was about to happen. First band to hit the stage, was New York City natives, Cilver (Formally known as Me Talk Pretty). And by hitting the stage, I mean they hit it with a vengeance! They opened up with Break Free, a lovely Hard Rock hit with ingeniously written lyrics, phenomenal guitar, heavy drumming, electrifying bass guitar & astounding vocals from Cilver’s Uliana, all the ingredients one needs to fulfill the foresaid familiar feeling. Pain is like a Drug, played next followed by Bleed for You & Razorblade ending their sensational set blowing the crowd away with In my Head

          Cilver (2)  The stagehands took over the stage, dismantling Cilvers set to prepare for the next band. Guitars & drums were taken off the stage and other guitars and drums took their place. It wasn’t long before I could see the silhouette of a body in the back stage hallway, the silhouette included a guitar… Quick riffs could be heard over the speakers… “Shit’s about to get real” one person says to another. About that time, the members of Eve to Adam enter the stage (left) taking their places, ready to rock the crowd… But was the crowd ready for them?

            New York Based Eve to Adam, was founded by lead singer Taki Sassaris & his brother, drummer Alex Sassaris, before moving to New York in 1997. Eve to Adam began their set with Bender, a fast paced rocker with speed metal riffs vocoded with flanger pedal & heavy drumming, guitar solos… The crowd went wild, if they weren’t ready for Eve to Adam before, they were then. Right after Bender was Fortune Teller followed by Locked and Loaded, Forgive & an amazing cover of Billy Idols Rebel Yell. Their set continued with an original song Straitjacket Supermodel, by this time Eve to Adam had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hands.Straitjacket Supermodel is one of those songs that is sure to get stuck in the listeners head with its catchy riffs coming from the guitar & bass along with vocals that can only be described as professional quality. Eve to Adam ended their set with Immortal, one of those tell off songs many people can relate to, yes… It makes you have to jump! Eve to Adam left the stage leaving the crowd in awe, only to be struck in amazement with the very entertaining Kyng.

Kyng, trio from L.A. grabbed the crowd by the booboo immediately with their intriguing mixture of classic metal and hard rock, head butting the crowd in the face with their heaviness that lead singer Eddie Veliz has described asKyng (11)California Heavy”. Kyng can only be described as Black Sabbath meets Led Zepplin meets Metallica meets Foo Fighters. Something for every Rock genre type. Soon after Kyng’s set was finished & instruments were packed away, LaCuna Coil’s crew began revealing their stage setup, stage hands walked on and off the stage as quickly as possible to bring the crowd what they wanted. And at this time all they wanted was Lacuna Coil.

            Gothic/Industrial metal band LaCuna Coil began their set with Trip the Darkness and  Kill the Light, both songs from off their 6th studio album Dark Adrenaline. The crowd went crazy as the music began with strobe lights flashing and deep synthesized keys. Hands flying, heads banging, guys & girls in the crowd of all ages singing along with Andrea Ferro & Cristina Scabbia til’ the very end.

            Lacuna Coil (1)There are few bands that can also be called performers, LaCuna Coil is one of those bands that have that stage presence. Each fan in the front row got an up-close and personal view of the band as the venue’s stage is set low & close to the barriers. LaCuna Coil continued wowing the crowd with more hits including, Intoxicated, Fragments of Faith & off their new album Broken Crown Halo, they played Die & Rise. Starting off with some creepy synthesizer & crunchy guitars, the song blew the crowds wigs off with the wonderful vocals & lyrics of Scabbia and Ferro.

Each song LaCuna Coil, played was an instant hit, rather the fans heard it before or not. No other band in the world can compare to what the fans heard this night ladies and gentlemen. Nothing could have prepared them for the massive assault on their minds and ears. LaCuna Coils set continued with such hits like Swamped; Victims; I don’t Believe in Tomorrow and Zombies. And off their album Comalies, they played Heaven’s a Lie which was frequently mislabeled as an anti-religion song; Christina Scabbia was quoted as saying Heaven was a metaphor for a “perfect life”. Andrea Ferro, often at concerts refers to the song being about freedom of ideas.

        They finished up this phenomenal set with Upside Down and  My Spirit. But not before they killed the crowd with Spellbound; Nothing Stands in Our Way and  Our Truth… LaCuna Coil rocked Brewster Street Icehouse & rocked it harder than it has ever been rocked before… When LaCuna Coil hit’s your city, make sure to get your tickets, as they will go fast.

Review by: Jared Wingate

Lacuna Coil


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