Puddle of Mudd

Puddle of Mudd

April 15, 2014

Brewster Street Icehouse- Corpus Christ, TX

            Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, Puddle of Mudd to date has sold over 7 million albums and has a plethora of #1 mainstream rock singles in the United States alone, with 5 million copies of their first album Come Clean being sold. The album was released August of 2001 & is responsible for the band’s mainstream success & reached Billboards top 200 albums Chart peaking at #9. On April 15, 2014, Puddle of Mudd played to a packed Brewster Street Icehouse in Corpus Christi, TX to amazing & excited fans of all ages. Brewster Street Icehouse is the perfect venue for fans with children, as they have a play area for the kids to play while the parents enjoy the rocking shows Brewster Street Icehouse has to offer Corpus Christi, Texas.

        JHW_7215    Walking into the favorite venue of many photojournalists, one notices the atmosphere is on fire with titillations. People of all ages anxious to see two of their favorite bands perform LIVE in front of them for one night only. The front row barrier was filled early with adoring fans of both bands, not willing to give up their spot for a millisecond. Husbands could be seen squeezing through the crowd to get their significant other a drink from the always friendly “Brew Crew” staff of Brewster Street Icehouse donned in matching yellow shirts…

            The night began as the fans would like with Houston, Texas based band, The Hunger. The Hunger formed like many bands, with a grand idea & a garage. The band tasted early success by cumulating the airwaves, Billboard charts & sales. Now with 6 studio albums they have come to Corpus Christi to rock it & its people to the very core of their existence. The house lights dimmed as the fog machines began to blow smoke onto the stage, being illuminated by the concert lighting behind the trap-set(s). The crowd began screaming as the members of The Hunger took to the stage to perform their hard rocking set, pumping the crowd for the act that follows them. Starting off their set with So Lost; ( the first track on their 6th studio album), they  got the crowd moving immediately to the beat with is fingered bass lines, tight drumming, catchy guitar riffs & prodigious vocals from both front-men Thomas & Jeff Wilson. The Hunger was accepted well by the Corpus Christi crowd throughout their whole set. The crowd digging every minute of their powerful, highly charged & entertaining performance that The Hunger, brings to every dinner table. You cannot miss this band my friends, it is one of those things you will live to regret.JHW_7453

            As the night rolled on and The Hunger’s set was taken down, the convivial crowd was ready for Wes Scantlin and his Puddle of Mudd to whip their ear-vaginas into shape with a musical onslaught of  #1 hits. Starting off with their #1 hit single Control (off their major-label debut album Come Clean) sending the crowd into a head-bobbing, hyper-focused lyrical trance in which the men sung the lyrics and the women fantasized about being the one for Wes Scantlin… (See what I did there?) Continuing their set they played Out Of My Head; Away From Me; Stoned & Drift & Die the third single off their 2001 3x platinum selling album Come Clean. After a quick guitar change & few chugs from his Coors beer, Wes Scantlin engaged the crowd in a conversation about his undying love for “Big Juicy Booties & Corpus Christi, Texas.      Puddle of Mudd’s night continued with more hits like Basement; Spaceship & Spin you around, stopping only long enough to toss a couple beers & a water to the crowd of dehydrated, front-row diehard fans, that refuse to leave there spots the tiniest amount of time. Looking out into the crowd all that could be seen were smiles & a few women sporting happy tears, while Wes Scantlin sung his original tracks into the eyes of those sporting the fore spoken happy tears… One woman in particular (pictured in panoramic) who perched herself upon her ol’mans shoulders pointing, singing & feeling the lyrics, taking them directly to her heart & head…Untitled-1-Edit

            Keeping the ball rolling, Puddle Of Mudd continued their assailment on the hearts and minds of every fan in attendance with Nobody Told Me; Abrasive; Nothing Left to Lose & the title track Famous off their 4th studio album Famous, ending their set with their #1 single off the Famous L.P. Psycho. Walking off the stage (left) the crowd began chanting the band’s name over & over again Puddle Of Mudd, Puddle Of Mudd, Puddle Of Mudd!” Bringing the band back onto the stage, Wes Scantlin, sits his posterior on the bass drum with his legs crossed, coaxing the crowd to cheer louder & louder. When not feeling satisfied, Scantlin stands up, walks toward the mic-stand, grabs the mic in hand & tells the crowd

I’m not going to play another song, til I hear you loud & clear Prompting the crowd to scream louder than before. At that time, Scantlin began his three song Encore.

             Pleasing the crowd every minute of the way, Puddle Of Mudd played Already Gone, Blurry & ending their set completely with their wildly popular hit She Hates Me, sometimes colloquially referred to as “She Fucking Hates Me” but not before systematic yet comically dismantling the set himself tipping over house monitors & stabbing a hole through one of the bands 1000-2000$ guitar amp-head with a house microphone… As one would expect in a situation like this, THE CROWD, WENT COMPLETELY-FUCKIN-WILD! Again ladies and gentlemen, this is indeed a show that is not to be missed. You will forever in your life regret every moment you didn’t see Puddle Of Mudd in 2014!

Review by: Jared Wingate

Puddle of Mudd

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