Chiodos / Emarosa / Our Last Night

April 16, 2014

The Palladium- Worcester, Massachusetts

Walking into the Worcester Palladium for the first time it was an immediate sense of energy growing with every person that entered the venue. As doors closed with the house packed the show began with openers 68, who brought a energetic feel to the crowed.  

            Soon after, Our Last Night set up for their Hometown show being originally from New Hampshire. This was a first shows that vocalist, Trevor Wentworth got to bring his son to. Welcoming him onto the stage to pose for a memorable photo in front of their fans. Throughout their performance they kept the crowd engaged with their high energy playing songs off their current EP, Oak Island and their cover song, Dark Horse which has over a million views on youtube.

            CHIODOS-15The Devil’s Dance Tour is the first tour Emarosa has been a part of for a long time. Introducing new vocalist, Bradley Scott Walden, formerly of Squid the Whale. They performed old fan favorites such as The Past Should Stay Dead and A Toast To The Future Kids along with brand new songs they have written for their new upcoming album. Dedicated Emarosa fans seemed to be very pleased with the bands return to the stage and look forward to hear their new songs.

Headlining the show, Chiodos took the stage, making the crowed run wild with excitement. After opening with some older material such as Theres No Penguins in Alaska, lead vocalist, Craig Owens took a moment to take in the immense support by the entire crowd, thanking them for all the unconditional love and support the fans have carried for over the 10 years Chiodos has been a band. After Owens left in 2009 and pursued other musical projects he returned in late 2012. The Devil’s Dance Tour has been the first headlining tour Chiodos has done with the return of Owens. They introduced a few new songs off their new album, Devil which was released the first of April. During the song, The Undertaker’s Thirst for Revenge Is Unquenchable. (The Final Battle) Craig stepped into the crowed as they held him up while he screamed the words to them. Ending the show with a two song encore fans cheered as all the members bowed in thanks to their fans.

Review by: Anthony DiBiase



Our Last Night