The Neighbourhood Private Show

The Neighbourhood

April 22, 2014

Redbull Soundspace- KROQ


            These black and white rockers from Los Angeles, CA have been taking the nation by ‘the holes of your sweater’. Being such a young band, forming in only 2011 and having their first album released in 2012, this band has gained much success and is bound to only get bigger. On Tuesday, April 22, 2014 the Neighbourhood performed an intimate set at “LA’s best kept secret” as described by radio DJ, Nicole Alverez, who of course was referring to the tiny RedBull Soundspace at KROQ studios, made to hold a lucky 310 people.

        DSC_2487    Shortly after 5pm and after all the free pizza (which was provided by the band from their favorite local pizza place called Toppers) and red-bull was consumed, the fans (mostly anxious females), were becoming restless, jumping up and down every second the door to the stage opened. Finally, one by one the band came on stage, greeted by a hot, sweaty crowd and radio DJ Nicole Alverez. Alverez conducted a short interview with the members where they discussed their evolution at Coachella, first starting off by sneaking in, then a couple years later performing at Coachella, and this year, riding backstage in golf carts! The interview ended with singer Jesse Rutherford telling the crowd the three most important W’s- “wifi, water and weed.”

            The band changed their style up a bit and performed a slower, acoustic (but not fully acoustic) set. The tempo’s of the song’s were slowed down significantly and there was no drum set but only a electronic percussion drum pad. This atmosphere really highlighted Rutherford’s voice and changed it up for the band. They performed fan favorites Sweater Weather; Afraid and did a rendition of rapper YG’s song, Me & My Bitch although Rutherford had to brush up on the lyrics for a few moments on his phone before starting.

            The band performed a very short set, but not unlike the other Soundspace performers. From all the soundspace shows, the females at this show were probably most hyper and energetic for the guys throughout the set, many of them screaming at the band to come out of their bus, as it drove away from the studios. Be sure to check these guys out on their tour and watch the live stream of the show linked below, for the next 24 hours!

Review by: Nicole Lemberg