April 26, 2014

The Observatory- Santa Ana, CA


            The only thing better than to hear and see your favorite songs played live, is standing on stage with Augustana, getting to watch the crowd from above roar with excitement after every set. This Chicago, Illinois band that formed in 2003 sure made an impression Saturday, April 26, 2014 at The Observatory’s SOLD OUT show in Santa Ana, CA.  

      2014_Augustana_Twin_forks_tragic_thrills_0426_-169      The large crowd of Augustana fans of ages ranging from 18 to early 40’s packed the small floor in between the two opening acts of Twin Forks and Tragic Thrills. With a crowd so tight, you would assume there would be a little chaos, but these fans were very patient and surprisingly thirsty. (A couple middle agers hitting the bar a tad bit too early). As fans moved away from the walls into the middle of the room, the lighting tech tested the colors on stage, and the opening acts started clearing up their instruments; the crowd grew eager to see these talented headliners.  At random moments the crowd would begin jumping with anticipation, just to see past everyone in front of them.  A wave of applause drifted through the crowd when Dan Layus and his band come out to help Twin Forks (A very new up and coming talented band to look out for) clean up the stage.

            Stardom definitely has not gotten to any of these four band members. The crowd watched the band on their hand and knees set up for about 20 minutes till they started up unexpectedly with Youth Is Wasted On The Young.  The bands interaction with the crowd was natural. Midway through, the guys slowed it down with a two – song piano set consisting of Fire and Boston (much which Layus sang beautifully). Cell phones were quickly clouding over the crowd with an even sway of lights. They performed an array of songs including their newest single Ash & Amber to a bonus song that is older yet still well written Sunday Best. Fans in the front row were throwing the same amount of animated energy back to the band;lip-syncing every song and swaying in sync to each hit. Although the band made a quick exit after thanking the crowd, it was doubtful that anyone left disappointed.

Review by: Zahara Herrera