Life in Color Tour

Life in Color Tour ft. Carnage

May 3, 2014

Jacobs Pavilion- Cleveland, Ohio

               The Life In Color tour was in town for it’s only Ohio event on May 3, 2014.  As we were talking to people in a line, that had to be a quarter mile long to get in, we learned that there were people from every surrounding state. For them to drive that distance for just one night, we knew that this was going to be an unforgettable night. The second the gates opened up around 6pm, you could hear the first DJ getting ready to start. The energy of the crowd and eagerness to get in and let loose was phenomenal. Your first stop as you went in was to use your voucher for one free bottle of paint, just to get the party started before night time and the headliners. As the sunset around 8:30 and it was time for the first headliner, Machine Gun Kelly. The crowd’s energy was still growing even after 2 and half hours of dancing and partying already.

  First up was Cleveland’s own Machine Gun Kelly. For anyone who’s been to a MGK show before, you know how crazy it gets. But in Cleveland, it’s a riot. MGK always makes sure to go as hard as the crowd, and even with a cast on his leg he still lived up to his “Wild Boy” reputation. He played everything from his new song Sail to one of his very first’s Cleveland. It’s always a good time when MGK is home.

Next up was Jeff Montalvo aka Seven Lions, the DJ hailing from Santa Barbara, CA. But not only was time for Seven Lions, it was time for what gives Life In Color its name, the paint canons. In front of the stage were literally seven canons that shot and covered the crowd with paint, in between the performers spraying them with a fire house modified to be a paint gun.

To be honest, I almost couldn’t write a review for him considering I just kept getting lost in his music. It’s almost like an electronic trance with songs like Strangers and Days to Come. Watching everyone in the crowd move almost synchronized was as mind blowing as his performance itself. If you have not heard of Seven Lions, I suggest you look him up now and thank me later.

Finally was Carnage, the trap music God. With his heavy bass lines and powerhouse synths, I’m surprised the crowd didn’t just tear the place down with everyone jumping and heading banging (yes you read that correct and yes this is EDM). With the performers spraying the crowd with paint and the paint canons going off with every drop off Carnage’s hits, like my personal favorite Mara and everyone’s favorite, his remix of Spaceman.

The only problem we had with this event, IT DIDN’T LAST LONG ENOUGH. Ending just after midnight, Carnage played his final song. But there were after parties throughout Cleveland where the party didn’t stop with the help of local DJ’s. What you should take from all this is, if you see Life In Color coming through a city near you, GO! Do yourself a favor, take the day off, forget the stress and go hard in the paint!

Review by: Chad Johnston