Seether rocks Lancaster, PA


May 13, 2014

Freedom Hall- Lancaster, PA

            Doors at 6:30 and fans were already anxious and impatiently waiting for Redlight King to take the stage. Fans were supportive of the opening act and were relieved that the show finally began. They clapped along to an incredible drum solo performed by the drummer, Jaydon Bean of Redlight King. The singer dedicated a brand new song to his dad that’s battling cancer.

“Times Are Hard…these times are hard feels like nothing’s gonna change”

  The guys played 5-6 songs ending with Bullet in My Head, Lead vox, Mark Kasprzyk   conducted the crowd to sing along at the chorus in which they delivered.

Now it was time for Black Stone Cherry to take the stage. The guitarists were kicking and head banging like no tomorrow. Lead vox, Chris Robertson directed the crowd to raise their fists to the air and hyped the crowd up. The amount of energy from this band was immense. The singer wore a cap that casted a strong shadow on his eyes/upper facial region which made his expression tough to see. He expresses his appreciation for Lancaster City and aspects of the city such as Robburritos and talks about the bands new album, titled Magic Mountain. He challenges lancaster, saying they can do better as the band proceeds to join, by continuing their set. Robertson then conducts call and response with the audience that in all honesty sounded pretty weak. But the moment the next song hit, fans of all ages could be found raising fists and shouting along. The guys talked about returning to Lancaster in August and offered to buy every member of the crowd a burrito if they buy a copy of Magic Mountain. The band put on quite a show this evening.

Finally the moment we had all been waiting for, Seether to take the stage. The band came out roaring, stealing the stage, having fans screaming at the top of their lungs. The band’s set up was incredibly mood orientated and accented their talented vox/instrumentals rather nicely. The guys had a complex but super neat lighting set up. It was a photographer’s nightmare but it added a lot of passé to the bands performance; the light up backdrop was a lot of fun, specifically.

The band broke out some intimate acoustics to perform the song Broken. The moment the intro hit, every couple in the general vicinity were holding each other and taking photos/video together. That has to be one of the most adorable things to ever witness at a rock show. Shortly after the drummer, John Humphrey performed an INCREDIBLE drum solo; He absolutely killed it! Seether’s vocals and instrumentals were on point; the band put on a heartfelt, energetic, colorful and all around phenomenal performance. The guys are an incredible band to catch live and I would highly recommend it to anyone. What a great night of Rock Music in Lancaster PA!

Review by: Liana Marie


Redlight King

Black Stone Cherry