Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo

May 23, 2014

Redbull Sound Space- AMP Radio

            The Red Bull Soundspace in Los Angeles, CA isn’t just home to KROQ artists; in fact, in the same building, there is another, more mainstream pop radio station which provides their fans with live music at the Soundspace as well. Although they don’t have as many shows as KROQ, AMP radio is quickly adding more and more intimate shows into their schedules and their latest was Jason Derulo on May 23, 2014.

As the fans packed into the small room, with their complimentary Red Bull in hand, they got ready to witness this R&B, pop singer/songwriter/ dancer who has sold over 30 million singles rock this intimate venue.

image_proxy_large-6His short set began with In My Head where he and his dancers moved quickly across and around the small stage, dancing and singing. Next up was Hands Up and Ridin’ Solo. In between songs, Derulo was quick to thank AMP Radio for having him and supporting him from the very beginning and of course, thanking the fans. Taking a quick break from singing, Derulo introduced his dancers, two of which had their own solo routine which they performed for the screaming audience. Following the breakdance solos, Derulo slowed the set down a bit.

“I’m feeling kinda sentimental right now,” Derulo told his DJ

“I got the perfect song for this!” The DJ replied as he put played Marry Me and then It Girl which had all the girls in the room singing along, verbatim. As the song finished up, the dancers were back on stage, and the other two performed their own dance solos.

It wasn’t long before what everyone wanted to hear was played, Talk Dirty To Me had everyone in the room singing, recording and dancing along to the beat and with the dancers. The set continued with another crowd favorite, Wiggle which was stopped a quarter through the song because the crowd wasn’t doing a good enough job. image_proxy_large-10

“I don’t think we understood. We went HAM but that was a 6 inch. I want a foot long! When we say big fat butt, we need everyone to have their hands in the air and turn up! Let’s try again.” The second time was the charm as everyone had their hands in the air and wiggled throughout the song.

He thanked the crowd but then decided to give them an encore which was Trumpets; afterward he did his own dance solo and left the stage to his backup dancers and DJ who finished the set up. It was an exciting mid-day set for everyone there and it was nice to see 5 dancers including Derulo on stage, making their routines work in such a tight, compacted area. As always, fans left with stickers, custom show posters and more Red Bull.

Review by: Nicole Lemberg