The Naked and Famous

The Naked And Famous

May 26, 2014

The Depot- Salt Lake City, UT

           On their fourth day of touring, The Naked And Famous rolled into Salt Lake City, UT playing at The Depot to their sold out show. The minute you walked into the room you would have been amazed; the crowd seemed to tilt towards the stage as The Naked And Famous slowly strolled out past the crowd. The expectant eyes of the crowd gazing up onto the stage, the music slowly stirring the fans as they cheered for lead singer, Alisa Xayalith began their first song of the night A Stillness.

The Naked And Famous_5/26/14;SLC, UT Soon after, the crowd got more and more enthusiastic as the next song went on Hearts Like Ours.  The slow music caused girls and boys to collide and move together as one. Rolling Waves began as the crowd sang and chanted to become one with the band. Like “rolling waves” fans would chant together to one of their favorite songs as they clapped to their loudest.

As each song winded down, the fans seemed more energized than ever; fans interactively spoke with Xayalith and Thom Powers throughout the night. Their music came to a close and the crowd couldn’t seem to get enough, as they chanted “Encore! Encore! Encore!”. Next The Naked And Famous began to play their most popular song Young Blood which got the whole crowd moving as more smiles lit the room.

This band is definitely a must see so be sure to catch their show if it hasn’t been sold out yet.

Review by: Celena Tipiani