Man Overboard bring The Heart Attack Tour to Seattle

Man Overboard

May 30, 2014

Chop Suey- Seattle, WA

            Man Overboard’s headlining tour The Heart Attack Tour presented by Alternative Press stopped in Seattle at Chop Suey located in Seattle’s central district on May 30, 2014.  The show kicked off with two local bands Beneath the Spin Light and Defeat The Low who got the crowd so pumped up that they were moshing and stage diving to the music and this was just during the first hour of the show.

The next band to play was Knuckle Puck a pop punk band from Chicago; this was their first show ever in Seattle and the crowd was anticipating their set and when they came on the crowd went crazy. The crowd was moshing and crowd surfing during almost every song and a lot of people were even singing the lyrics to their songs from their EP’s  Don’t Come Home and The Weight That You Buried. The one song that had the crowd going crazy was the last song they played which was a song called Gold Rush off their split EP with Neck Deep. By the end of their thirty minute set, everyone in the crowd was chanting for them to come back to Seattle soon! They’ll be back in Seattle in September and I can’t wait to see them again!

Forever Came Calling (1)        The next supporting act was a pop punk band from California, Forever Came Calling. They came on and started to play a few songs from their album Contender and at first the crowd didn’t seem to have as much energy but maybe the crowd  was just saving some of their energy for later because they soon regained their energy which led to more moshing and stage diving. During their last song Front Porch Sunrise which was a crowd favorite, everyone was singing along. The band put on a great show and had a lot of energy throughout the entire set and were jumping and running around the very small stage interacting with the crowd.

The last band to play before Man Overboard was a band from Boston called Transit. This band is pretty well known and the crowd was just as excited to see them as they were to see Man Overboard. As they came on stage the crowd went crazy and before the band even started to sing the lyrics to their first song Nothing Lasts Forever, there were fans already stage diving. Throughout the entire set, fans were singing along to songs off their albums and EPs. The band had just as much energy as crowd did and would let fans in crowd sing parts of the songs with them. Every once in awhile you would see singer Joe Boynton looking at the energy of the crowd and then the biggest smile would pop up on his face. The band was bouncing around the stage the entire night and put on an excellent show, I will defiantly be seeing them next time they’re in Seattle!

It was finally time for the headlining act, Man Overboard, a well known band from New Jersey. The band came on around 10:40pm and as they walked on stage the crowd went wild. By the time they had come on, the concert venue had gotten very hot and Man Overboard (7)sweaty as many fans had pilled into the small venue right before they came on. The band was so excited to be in Seattle, because they love playing shows in the Pacific Northwest! It was also a special night for them, as it was one of the two singers, Nik Bruzzese 21st birthday. A majority of the band and their crew celebrated with drinking and smoking weed which led to many hilarious jokes on stage that had the crowd laughing throughout the entire set. Being drunk and high didn’t affect their performance on stage one bit; they played an amazing set and had the crowd singing, moshing, and stage diving along to every song they played which included songs from their newest album Heart Attack along with a few older well known songs as well. It was around midnight when the show ended but that didn’t stop any of the bands from meeting and hanging out with their fans at the merch stands and outside the venue. If this tour is coming to your town I highly recommend you check them out!

Review by: Sarina Solem 

Man Overboard

Forever Came Calling

Knuckle Puck