Get “Reborn” or be Trapt: New Interview with Chris Taylor Brown of Trapt

Interview with Chris Taylor Brown of Trapt

June 2014 


SC411: You released your album Reborn, last year. Can you tell me a little about that album?

Chris Taylor Brown: Yeah. You know it’s our fifth full-length album and we were really able to do whatever we wanted for the record and put any kinds of songs we wanted to put on there and have complete control because we’re in charge of everything. From making the record to putting it out there to being able to experiment with some cool electronic sounds and textures we’ve never done before. You know, make sure we create a lot of space on some of the songs and make sure they have air to breathe like Too Close and Living in the Eye of the Storm and Get Out of Your Own Way. Just a bunch of songs that are slower and they still have the same impacts that we’ve had before. You know, just more space and make each part that much more impactful when it hits and everything. We put in a lot of guitar, effects, and a ton of other stuff that we’ve never done before and that was great. We just didn’t have a deadline and we were able to spend 8 or 9 months making the record and that really was a great experience.

SC411: How has Trapt evolved since the debut album?

CTB: You know, every record we put out we try to make it sound different than the record before it and we’ve always done that. Whenever we need to be inspired, we listen to older music and once you get past that, you listen to new stuff and it feeds itself into your new music and basically what you’re going through at the time which is what you’re writing about and all that kind of stuff and that’s melodies that you’re using. We’ve done that every few years whenever we make a new record and each one is different and of course you want to evolve, but that’s up to the band

SC411: For your upcoming summer tour, do you have anything special planned?

CTB: Yes. We’re going to be doing all the songs from our first record since it’s been 10 years since we’ve done that so we thought it’d be a good idea. It’s gonna be the first series of shows where we’re gonna play an album in its entirety. If it goes well we’ll probably play some of the other records in their entireties so we thought we’d start with the first one since it’s been 10 years since the first set of headlining tours. It gives us a break from the writing of our new record that we’re working on right now. We’re also finishing up an acoustic album which is gonna have 13 of the most requested songs from our fans to be played acoustically on our record and we’re answering their call and we’re probably putting that out by the end of summer or right when the tour ends. After that, we’re gonna get our fans really involved in the recording process and now we’re doing a campaign where fans can pre-order the acoustic album and pre-order the newest album and they get to be a part of being recorded.



SC411: The tour for your debut album being played in its entirety is this going to be a one-time thing or will it go on for a little while with more tour dates than what you already have planned?

CTB: Yeah. There’ll be a few more weeks of the self-titled tour. Probably going into the fall and then we’re just gonna focus on writing the new record.

SC411: What’s the biggest accomplishment that Trapt has?

CTB: I think the biggest accomplishment for us is that we’ve been at this for over 10 years and that we’re still going and we still have our hardcore fans and they wanna look forward to new music and I think that’s the biggest accomplishment for any band that sticks around.

SC411: What’s a band that you really enjoyed touring with?

CTB: We’ve enjoyed touring with a lot bands, there’s: Papa Roach, those guys in Smile Empty Soul, the Three Days Guys are great, Shinedown, and there’s a bunch of other bands.



Trapt, performing at Rev RoomSC411: What about with Motley Crüe in Crüefest 2008?

CTB: That was great, that was probably one of the best tours we’ve done and it was great playing with some of the bands I grew up listening to.


SC411: Now that Reborn has been out for over a year, what do you realize about the album now that maybe wasn’t so obvious when you were in the studio?

CTB: I don’t know, it’s a good record and we’re proud of it.

SC411: Was the outcome and response from fans what you expected?

CTB: Yeah, for sure.

SC411: In your opinion, how has the rock scene changed from the early days of Trapt to now?

CTB: Well now you can get your music directly to your fans through the internet and that’s a beautiful thing which wasn’t the case when we first started. It was more radio and music videos on MTV and stores would promote your band, but now it’s touring and you can put out new music and give it to your fans right away.

SC411: What music did you grow up listening to?

CTB: Metallica, Pearl Jam, and then I started getting into KoRn, Tool, Incubus, and different bands like that. Then I got into older stuff on YouTube like Pink Floyd; all the older stuff I listened to while I was in college for the first year.

SC411: When music’s not involved, what do you do on your spare time?

CTB: Tour whatever city I’m in. Sample all the food they got in different cities and see all the local attractions and see what each city has to offer.

TRAPT tour dates:


18 Idaho Falls, ID – The Peppertree

19 Missoula, MT – Wilma Theater

20 Spearfish, SD – Zbar

21 Sioux City, IA – Awesome Biker Nights 15th Annual Motorcycle Rally Festival

24 Flint, MI – The Machine Shop

25 Traverse City, MI – Ground Zero

27 Watertown, NY – The Exhibition Hall

28 Portland, ME – The Asylum

29 Lawrence, MA – Claddagh


01 Stanhope, NJ – Stanhope House

02 Wilmington, DE – World Cafe Live

03 Amityville, NY – Revolution

05 Stroudsburg, PA – Sherman Theater

06 Clifton Park, NY – Upstate Concert Hall

07 Lancaster, PA – Chameleon Club

09 N. Myrtle Beach, SC – House Of Blues

10 Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade

11 Lake Buena Vista, FL – House Of Blues (Orlando)

12 St. Petersburg, FL – State Theatre

13 Pensacola, FL – Vinyl Music Hall

15 Baton Rouge, LA – The Varsity Theatre

17 Dallas, TX – Trees

18 San Antonio, TX – Backstage Live

19 Houston, TX – Scout Bar

20 Abilene, TX – The Lucky Mule

22 Fort Smith, AR – Neumeier’s Rib Room & Beer Garden

23 Merriam, KS – Aftershock

24 Arlington Heights, IL – Home Bar

25 Chesterfield, MI – Diesel Lounge

26 Cleveland, OH – RoverFest

29 Indianapolis, IN – The Vogue

31 Ft. Wayne, IN – Piere’s


01 Morristown, TN – Citizen Tribune (Jefferson Federal)

02 Clarkesville, TN – The Warehouse

03 St. Louis, MO – The Firebird

05 Sturgis, SD – Easyriders Saloon

07 Minot, ND – The ‘O’riginal Bar & Nightclub

09 Spring Lake Park, MN – POV’s

13 Rockford, IL – District

14 West Peoria, IL – Crusens

15 Ringle, WI – Q and Z Expo Center

16 Glen Flora, WI – Northwoods Rock Rally

17 Lincoln, NE – Bourbon Theatre

29 Hammon, IN – The Venue at Horsehoe Casino


25 Yakima, WA – Central Washington State Fair