25 years in and Meshuggah can still create the Chaosphere.


June 6, 2014

Wiltern Theater- Los Angeles, CA

                 A few months ago when there were rumors circulating about Meshuggah doing a 25th anniversary tour in the U.S., the L.A. metal community wondered if this tour would make a stop in the city of Angels. Luckily, we were the first ones to encounter this tour. On June 6, 2014 the Wiltern hosted the first stop of Meshuggah’s 25 years of Musical Deviance tour with guest Between the Buried and Me. Soundcheck411.com was there to witness the metal show of the year- so far.

BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME  sc-0651  Walking into the Wiltern a year after Meshuggah’s last show seemed like déjà vu. The excitement of hearing Jens Kidman and company doing another killer show in L.A. started back in April when the tour was first announced, and every day that the date grew closer, we prepared ourselves for another Meshuggah show. Soundcheck411 wasn’t the only one excited for the show, as prior to the band hitting the stage, the nearly sold-out crowd proudly chanted “Meshuggah, Meshuggah, Meshuggah!” Finally, the lights dimmed and the band hit the stage with Future Breed Machine. Looking around, you can see fellow metal-heads banging their heads in unison, and this continued the rest of the night with a sea of heads constantly head banging to the neck breaking music of one of Sweden’s hardest rocking bands.

This show was more than we had expected it to be; while last year’s show was incredible, this year’s show took it up 4 notches. From the expansive setlist, to the clean sounds of the band echoing the Wiltern, this performance will be considered the best show we’ve seen this year. The lighting played a key role in this show, as it set the mood for a majority of these songs. We personally enjoyed the lights flickering to the evil double bass beats of drummer, Tomas Haake, but don’t forget to shield your eyes from time to time, some of lighting effects would be considered too much to some.  We’d like to thank everyone who made this show as perfect as it can be. Sound engineers, lighting, and so on and so forth, you guys all rock!

Another big difference from this year’s show from last year was the amount of moshing that was taking place. This year’s show seemed to be more rowdy, with everyone in the Wiltern’s pit getting involved with moshing and head banging, unlike last year when people were just standing around. There’s nothing wrong with standing there, but seeing people physically enjoying the music made our experience more enjoyable.MESHUGGAH   sc-0723

Song’s of the night included a verity of the Meshuggah’s 25 year discography,  obZen; Do Not Look Down; Cadaverous Mastication; New Millennium Cyanide Christ; Bleed; Demiurge; and many, many more. Do yourself a favor and go buy a ticket to this show. You will not be disappointed. If you’re a fan, be prepared to be blown away. Even after 25 years, Meshuggah is still surprising fans with new musical experiences. For more information on tour dates, check out their facebook page and give them a “Like” if you haven’t done so already.

Review by: Alex Lucero 


Between the Buried and Me