Neon Trees take root at The Wiltern Theater

Neon Trees

June 14, 2014

The Wiltern Theater- Los Angeles, CA

           From the start of their pop-rock career in 2009,  Neon Trees have always been a crowd favorite to see at festivals and concerts alike, always bringing a fun, dance aspect to their pop rock show, making fans dance along with singer, Tyler Glen’s sharp vocals and dance moves.

On June 14, 2014, for the band’s third studio album, Pop Psychology, the Pop Psychology Tour finally came to Los Angeles, CA and boy was Los Angeles excited. The sold out venue was packed for openers, Small Pools and Nightmare & The Cat but as the lights dimmed and the crowd chatter was drowned out, the phones went up into the air and only silhouettes of the band members could be seen behind the thin curtain that covered the stage.

Neon Trees    DSC_5728 The excitement in the room could be felt transmitting off of everyone in the building as Lessons in Love (All Day, All Night) kicked off the 19 song set-list and the fun filled, dance party that the night would turn out to be. As the band continued to perform the first song, the curtain was still up and the silhouettes of the members behind it got the crowd more and more anxious;  as soon as the screen dropped, on top of a platform stood frontman, Tyler Glenn with his heart shaped yellow glasses, matching his yellow suit and a green coat overthrow. Following Glen, was bassist, Branden Campbell is his all blue suit and sparkling bass; guitarist, Christopher Allen wearing black & white pattern pants, a tropical button down and a suit jacket; and drummer, Elaine Bradley wearing a floral print shirt and a pink suit jacket.

By just the third song, Glen was already telling stories to the crowd about his “situation” and him being 30 years old and wanting to find the right guy and be in a relationship and how the future is flying by and all this new technology is coming out. He tells the crowd that he can go on and on and talk about it all night or he can just call it “love in the 21st century”, which brought the band into- you guessed it- Love in the 21st Century which comes off their newest album, Pop Psychology. Fans clapped along with Elaine Bradley’s infectious drum groove as Glen pranced around stage, and kneeled down toward the crowd. Neon Trees    DSC_5695

As the night progressed, so did the energy for both artists and spectators. On just the fourth song, they performed their first ever single Animal, from their first studio album, Habits. The night continued with Living in Another World, one of the song’s off the new album which focuses on Glen’s struggle with sexuality; Teenager in Love; Trust and the disco-esque single, Sleeping With a Friend, closing out the set.

        After the short wait, the band came back on stage to give the crowd three more songs which included a cover of The Pixies, Where Is My Mind?; Everybody Talks; and First Things First, a self motivational track, that perfectly ended the show.Their set was jam packed with songs off of all three records, something everyone could enjoy and their stage and light show was captivating to say the least. The Pop Psychology Tour ends in July 2014, so if you still have a chance, I truly suggest buying a ticket and checking these guys and girl out!

Review by: Nicole Lemberg