If you’re thinkin’ Linkin Park, get set for a Hunting Party

Linkin Park

June 17, 2014

KROQ Red Bull Soundspace- Los Angeles, CA

             On Tuesday, June 17, 2014, there was a lot of certainty as fans exited the KROQ Red Bull Soundspace after witnessing Linkin Park absolutely destroy the tiny 250 people holding “venue”. Everyone was certain that this was the best, most energetic show ever performed at the Soundspace and best way to spend their time at 12:00pm on a Tuesday; everyone was certain that these were the most down to earth band members and road crew out there; and everyone was certainly going to remember this show for a long time.

DSC_6552  Before I go into describing the jaw-dropping, astonishing, errorless show, I want to give a HUGE thank you and shout out to those who are often overlooked and those in the background that make everything work- everyone in the Linkin Park crew; drum/guitar/bass techs, security guards, truck drivers, etc. all deserve praise for being some of the coolest people in the music industry. Aside from doing all the behind the scene stuff to make sure everything works, concert wise, after the show, rather than just shooing people away, these guys did everything they could  to make sure the fans got more than just an ordinary concert experience. Each fan was treated to guitar pics before the show and after the show, drum sticks and anything they asked the crew for. Many- Most bigger band’s have crew that have a certain job and after the show just put all equipment away, not giving fans anything. Linkin Park’s crew take time out of their clean up schedule and go out of their way to make sure the fans are happy. The next time you see one of these hard working guys, be sure to thank them for everything they do!

Now to the show. The afternoon began with KROQ DJ, Stryker coming out and introducing the 6 piece band who crowded the small stage and he quickly interviewed them about their newest album which was released today, June 17, 2014 called The Hunting Party; their earlier days; working with different musicians on the album and more. Following the funny, yet informing interview, the band wasted no time, going into a roughly 10 song set which began with a hard hitting, heavy instrumental intro of The Catalyst and The Requiem. As singer, Chester Bennington came back from side stage, the band performed their newest single, Guilty All the Same. 

           As the set progressed they gave fans another taste of their new, thrash, punk, progressive rock album with songs including Wastelands and Until It’s Gone. Of course, they also performed fan favorites including Faint; Given Up; New Divide; What I’ve Done and perfectly ended the set with Bleed in Out and a drum solo by Rob Bourdon.DSC_6428

Usually after a show- any show, not just a Soundspace show, the band thanks the crowd and exits- Linkin Park didn’t do that. Each of the band members got either drum sticks or pics and started handing/throwing them into the adoring crowd. They continued by taking selfies with fans, signing stuff and thanking each fan individually. As drummer Rob Burdon was half way out the door on his way to a dressing room, he saw a fan motion for a drumstick and he went back to his drum set and got her a stick. Bennington and Mike Shinoda stayed the longest, signing anything and everything, with their head of security helping them out, giving them sharpies and flashing a flashlight for them to see. It is so great to see a band of that caliber, a band that is used to playing in front of hundreds of thousands of people a night, all around the world, being so grounded and caring toward their fans. There aren’t many band’s like that, but I sure am glad that Linkin Park is one of those.

For those who haven’t already, go check out the newest Linkin Park album, The Hunting Party; you can check it out on Spotify and then go buy the CD when you realize how good it is, or you can just trust me and buy it now at any place that still sells CD’s (or iTunes). And be sure to check them out on their upcoming Carnivores Tour with AFI and 30 Seconds to Mars.

Review by: Nicole Lemberg 

View the live webcast of the Linkin Park show and interview here until it’s gone forever:


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