20 years strong: loyal Bane fans take over Atlanta


June 16, 2014

The Mammal Gallery- Atlanta, GA

             What can a girl say about hardcore music? Mainly that we make up the minority at every single show. But this show took a surprising turn, there were chicks all over the place. Not only was there an uprise in estrogen, but a huge uprise in the older generation. Loyal Bane fans took over The Mammal Gallery this past Monday night, June 16, 2014 for the Give; Code Orange; Foundation, and Bane tour.

             Give 8First off, The Mammal Gallery deserves a good ol’ shout out for hosting their first Atlanta Hardcore show. You guys rule! Time to really kick this off with the band who kicked off the show, Give. Now, I’d heard mixed reviews about Give prior to the show. But, they came out and really brought it, repping their hometown of Washington, DC. There was a large dance floor looking area in front of the stage, ya know, the kind you would see at prom basically. And, they were the only ones to actually utilize the space. It was an interesting twist. They played a few songs from their first album and some newer tunes, like Sonic Bloom, off their latest album The Electric Flower Circus. They had an incredible energy and control on stage, which the crowd freely responded to. They may have had merch screen printed with flowers, but they’re a hardcore, talented group of dudes.

Speaking of talent, let’s move on to the next group, Code Orange Kids from Pittsburgh, PA. Or, their newly changed name, Code Orange. They are no longer kids y’all, officially some Code Orange Adults up in here. But, in all seriousness, Code Orange killed it, no matter what moniker they’re operating under. The crowd got completely amped up when they started their set and thus, finally time to throw some elbows and get the pit going. They played some crowd favorites like Flowermouth (The Leech) and other moshable winners. They set the bar pretty high with the energy they brought to the stage. So, hell yeah, Code Orange really brought it, and plans to bring it even harder in their new album coming out September 2nd with Deathwish Inc., I am King. Seriously, get stoked, it’s going to be sick.

Alright, so we’ve been from DC to Pittsburgh with these guys, so now it’s time for the good ol’ local boys, Foundation. *Cheers for Atlanta* Foundation rules. End of paragraph. No, but really, they brought their A-game on Monday. Energy was through the roof, and I definitely saw someone crowd surf their way Foundation 5into (almost) smashing a light. It was nuts. Lead vocalist, Tomas Pearson, spoke to the crowd of the pride behind being a straight edge band and what it means to be true to hardcore. His words were sincere and, in a way, incredibly inspiring. They played Purple Heart, a crowd favorite, off of their album When The Smoke Clears. And, plenty of people were mouthing the words along with them. It was a fantastic set. If you haven’t checked out Foundation, do it. Trust me, you’ll be a fan in a matter of seconds.

Well, looks like we’re at that point. Time to talk about the main event, Bane! (Side note for everyone: no, Bane is not breaking up and no this is not their last tour). On Monday, they seriously did much more than just perform. Lead vocalist, Aaron Bedard, really brought wisdom to the stage. First he thanked all the older fans out there who came, and reminisced about playing Under The Couch (ATL) back in 98’. So many of the people in that crowd went to that 98’ show, which was absolutely amazing. That’s a true fan right there, being a fanatic for over 15 years. The best part was, there were plenty of people in their early 20’s there as well. It was a beautiful meshing of the old and the new. And, we all got some life lessons out of the experience. After certain songs, Berdard had a few words of wisdom to spread to the audience. He dedicated Count Me Out to all the straight edge folk out there, and spoke to their perseverance. They played Wrong Planet (from the new album) Bane 6and spoke to feeling like an outsider. They ended the set with an oldie but a goodie, Can We Start Again. Berdard ended the show with some words that really resonated with the audience, “nothing lasts forever”. Although they brought an amazingly inspirational presence to the stage, they still rocked it harder than anyone I’d seen in a while.

Overall the show was amazing! Everyone truly killed it, so here’s a big “hell yeah” to Give; Code Orange; Foundation; and Bane. I asked earlier, what can a girl say about hardcore music? Well, if you’re a true fan, you can speak volumes. There are values deeply embedded in the Atlanta hardcore culture, and people in this scene have more passion and pride than any group of people I’ve seen. Some bands like to say “pop-punk” is a lifestyle, but they haven’t seen music as lifestyle until they check out the hardcore kids. Join the family y’all, give all these great bands a listen, you’ll love every minute of it!

Review by: Kayla Ciruolo



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