Chevelle bring a horror cinema inspired show to Los Angeles


July 11, 2014

The Wiltern- Los Angeles, CA

               Whilst promoting their seventh studio album, La Gargola, the Chicago-based trio, best known as Chevelle had finally made their stop in Los Angeles, CA to the nearly sold out Wiltern Theater. Going all out on La Gargola, which was inspired by frontman Pete Loefller’s appreciation of horror cinema (including The Walking Dead and Friday the 13th), fans were sure to be treated and entertained by Chevelle’s live show; creepy on-stage props, a blood-red backdrop of factory smokestacks, all to amplify the dark tone of the album and please a anxious crowd.

DSC_0079   Kicking off their 16 song set was The Clincher, followed by Grab Thy Hand. The energy in the room was infectious, everyone was jumping and singing along with Pete Loefller and bassist Dean Bernardini. Although the band were touring for their latest album, their set was diverse, made to please different fans. Of their 7 albums, they performed from 5, a majority coming off of their 2002 release, Wonder What’s Next. While it was nice to see such a diverse set-list, I wish they would have played more than just 3 songs from the new album.

The three songs that Chevelle did perform from La Gargola included An Island, with hard hitting drums and the driving rock sound that the band is known for; the captivating, riff filled Hunter Eats Hunter and Take Out the Gunman, an aggressive song with mysterious, creepy lyrics to compliment it. Crowd favorites of the night included classics, The Red; Face to the Floor and Send the Pain Below. 

Aside from their lack of performed material from the new album and lack of much stage presence, Chevelle put on a good rock show that any rock fan should enjoy. The lighting and stage props, (although there wasn’t a great deal them), helped give off the creepy, mysterious vibe that the trio were going for and the musicianship was impeccable.

Review by: Nicole Lemberg