Going past curfew to ensure that Say Anything give SLC, Utah a great show!

Say Anything

July 17, 2014

In The Venue – Salt Lake City, UT

           California’s unique indie rockers, Say Anything rolled into Salt Lake City on tour for their new album, Hebrews which released on June 10. Florida band, You Blew It! kicked off the show and being their second time in Utah, the crowd were just as excited as they were! With the room packed, they started playing as the fans started jumping in excitement. The band asked that if anyone knew their lyrics to come crowd surf- so the fans pushed their way through. They left a good impression for their newly recruited fans.

         The So So Glos, New York rockers were up next with their rockin’ vibe as they talked about rock & roll as the lights turned into red/blues and started playing with a full blast of energy in them. They played with a rockin vibe and filled the room with such positive energy which had the fans moving! Many were impressed by this band as they jumped to their songs & swayed with their hands. This upcoming band is a must see!

         The Front Bottoms was next in the lineup and started their set with song Skeleton. As soon as they came up on stage, everyone in the room went crazy as they pushed their way and close to the stage as possible, some fans were even sitting at the top of stage! All you could see were the fans jumping on top of each other, singing as one! It eventually got more rowdy as the fans started getting onto the stage to stage dive and crowd suf! Oh man the fans went nuts for this band as they enjoyed every second of it!Say Anything_7/17/14;SLC,UT

Finally the moment everyone had been waiting for has come, Say Anything kicked off their heading show playing Six Six Six. With this band, fans once again pushed their way up to the stage & being more rowdy than the with the previous band! After that song, Say Anything’s own Max Bemis officially announced that the Utah crowd is the craziest he’s seen and loves it! That statement was cheered on by the fans and they became even more chaotic. Later on, Brian Sella joined Bemis and the rest of the band on one of their songs which pleasantly surprised the fans who sang along verbatim. Say Anything ended with two acoustic songs Boyd and Belt. But that was not enough for the fans or Say Anything as the band risked the curfew time and went over 30 mins playing some of their classic songs. This pleased the fans and left smiles on everyone’s faces.

Review by: Daisy Beltran

Say Anything

The Front Bottoms

The So So Glos

You Blew It!