Nothing but Praise and Love for Touché Amoré in Long Island, NY

Touché Amoré

July 15, 2014

Revolution Bar & Music Hall – Long Island, NY

           Long Island was in for quite a treat last Tuesday, receiving a stop from Touché Amoré’s Summer 2014 tour, along with supporting acts Tigers Jaw and Dads. The sold out show at the Revolution Bar and Music Hall was, in a few words, sweaty and bursting with enthusiasm.

          Dads, a two-piece punk band from New Jersey, opened the show with My Cross Patch off their most recent EP release Pretty Good. Though their set was short, Dads powered through their songs with the same amount of sentiment as any headliner would. Drummer and singer, John Bradley, even made time for small talk in-between songs, especially for a rather comical allegory about the touring bands opening a swimming pool.

Touche Amore (6) After an ample amount of head banging, the crowd was ready for more, and what was a better way to keep going than with a Tigers Jaw set? Playing songs from both their self-titled and their new album Charmer, Tigers Jaw’s performance would best be described through how passionate their crowd was, especially how intense it was during the song I Saw Water. Even to some of Tigers Jaw’s slowest songs, fans continued to flip on and off the stage. This was just a warm up, however.

Just when one would think it could not get anymore disruptive- it was then time for Touché Amoré. Once the first lyric hit, Touché’s stage became everyone’s stage. Beginning with the last song off of Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me, Amends, almost immediately kids began jumping on top of each other to scream back their favorite lyrics. The band involved it’s fans into the performance as much as possible as frontman Jeremy Bolm became more than generous with his microphone. Appreciatively, Touché played a perfect variety of old and new songs, and even an amazing cover of Available by The National (from the A Comp For Mom compilation) as apart of their thank you encore to the fervent Long Island crowd.

Seeing bands like Touché Amoré, Tigers Jaw, and Dads are always fun whether you know none of their songs or all of them. Between the charisma of the bands onstage that night and the excited fans getting to see them perform was enough to make anyone want to jump in and be apart of it.

Review by: Sophia Juliette

Touché Amoré

Tigers Jaw