Come with us now into the SOLD OUT Kongos show in Los Angeles, CA


July 16, 2014

Troubadour- Los Angeles, CA

If you were able to score a ticket to see the Kongos last Wednesday at the Troubadour, consider yourself lucky. Since the re-release of their album Lunatic this last February, the band has been taking the US by storm with the fastest climbing single by a debut act on Billboard’s alternative song chart. The concert sold out fast and this will most likely be the trend for this band with future shows.

Kongos-11This intimate venue was packed wall to wall. Before the lights even dimmed, everyone was jocking for the best position possible to view the band. Elbowing my way through I noticed something different. The first two rows were all female. Like Kings of Leon, the Kongos are a family act hailing from South Africa, though they currently reside in Arizona. These four brothers are following the footsteps of their father John Kongos, a seventies pop star. The amount of talent in this family is ridiculous and they all have looks to match.

From the moment they stepped foot on stage the audience was engaged by their music and energy. There’s just something about watching gifted musicians who really love what they do. The brothers grew up playing together and that clearly came across throughout the entire set. While everyone in the band beautifully harmonizes together, the bassist, Dylan takes on most of the lead vocals along with Jesse who also drums. In addiction to his bass riffs, Dylan’s voice is hauntingly good. That tribal drum sound that Jesse infuses into his drumbeats keeps your body pulsing all night. The youngest brother Danny plays a wicked slide guitar. and Johnny is on keys but what I loved was watching him on accordion.Kongos-18

The set started off strong. When they went into the song I’m Only Joking, the energy rose to a new level! A personal favorite of mine but I was obviously not alone in that sentiment. The crowd sang along almost as loud as the band and everyone was on their feet stomping to those sick beats Jesse lays down. Guest singer Mo Gordon came on stage next for a few songs. Each song they play has something interesting happening and bringing out Gordon to rap a few rhymes on some songs was a welcomed addition. Gordon seemed at home on stage and the audience ate him up. The Kongos had their parents in the audience so, in honor of their dad, the band rocked one of his hit songs from the seventies. It was a real treat to be at that show to see them play it live for him. Undoubtedly one of the best crowd reactions was when they played their US radio hit song Come With Me Now. I was up on the balcony when they performed this song. Once again, not a single person sat in their seat. The room vibrated from people dancing and singing. I could’ve sworn the balcony was going to crash down to the floor level.

The Kongos put on a solid show. They proved to be a very versatile band yet they have a common thread throughout all of their songs. They are up and coming heavy hitters and I’m excited to see where they go from here. If you have a chance to see them now, do it.

Review by: Alaina Pierce