Opening Act, Masked Intruder steal the show in Los Angeles, CA

Masked Intruder

July 20, 2014

Roxy Theater- Los Angeles, CA


Masked Intruder snatched more than beer and cash this Sunday night — the Wisconsin-based foursome stole the show despite only being a supporting act for The Queers and The Dwarves.

Before concertgoers were allowed into the legendary venue, fans were abuzz talking about their favorite tracks off of Masked Intruder’s latest release, M.I. Others had more of a heated discussion as they debated whether the band’s debut or sophomore release was best. By the time Masked Intruder was set to take the stage, fans had crowded near the front with enough room to mingle without getting too personal and still allow a cool breeze to circulate throughout the room. That, however, radically changed once the foursome kicked off the night with Stick ‘Em Up. The track set the tone of a night, one filled with crude humor and non-stop partying.

6  Less than a minute into their set, fans near the front were shoved toward the stage as others attempted to get closer. Masked Intruder hardly stopped for banter and ripped through a handful of tracks like 25 to Life; How Do I Get To You?; Gimmie Parole; and Crime Spree.

Despite any time for fans to catch their breath, some managed to jump onstage and sing with Intruder Yellow (bass) before being kicked off the stage by the band’s parole officer, Bradford. With majority of the people in attendance groovin’ and moshing, Officer Bradford was the sole body in the room who donned a pissed off attitude. This didn’t last long, however, because soon enough Bradford joined the crowd to instigate some more madness. Some fans were lucky enough to dance and sing onstage. A handful of girls were invited to dance with Intruder Green (guitar) during the upbeat, ditty Hey Girl. Another fan was lucky enough to singHeart-Shaped Guitar, a duet, with Intruder Blue.

The band’s infectious energy made their set end too quickly. Intruder Green’s constant air kicks and dance moves had fans eating out of his hand. Intruder Blue kept the banter to a minimum but said how much he loved Los Angeles and those in the crowd. Although Intruder Yellow lacked audience interaction, his catchy bass licks combined with Intruder Red’s (drum) energy behind the kit only added to the liveliness in the room.

Overall, the band instigated a non-stop pop-punk party. Fans left satisfied and those who experienced the foursome for the first time became fans.

Review by: Priscella Vega