The 2014 All Stars Tour ft. I See Stars

The All Stars Tour

July 19, 2014

Worcester Palladium, Worcester, MA


The All Stars Tour has been around for a few years now. This Saturday, I had the pleasure of photographing the tour in it’s current iteration, which featured the likes of Sworn In, Betraying the Martyrs, The Acacia Strain, Like Moths to Flames, and the headliner, I See Stars, and more at the Palladium in Worcester, MA.

The bands have all built quite a large following up to this point in their careers, with I See Stars touring in support of the album, New DemonsIMG_0500

         Slaves is the newest band of singer, Jonny Craig. The band has the similar sound and vocals that Craig is known for, all while being a whole new entity in itself. The next band was Like Moths to Flames, who I have had the pleasure of knowing since vocalist Chris Roetter had first begun the project. The band has come a long way since and continue to release consistently great albums with each new release, blending the heavier aspects and the more melodic with ease. The Acacia Strain was the next band and as always, they were insanely heavy. Singer, Vincent Bennett thrashed around and performed his familiar stage antics, while the band played their crushing brand of metal. At one point, Bennett had climbed into the crowd, along with whipping them into a fury as many times as he possibly could.  The final band was I See Stars, who performed their blend of EDM, pop and metal-core with a practiced prowess. The band played a good majority of their newer albums, along with many fan favorites, as well as having a electronic dance interlude. Overall, All Stars Tour 2014 is not a tour to be missed.

Review by: Christian Napolitano 

I See Stars

The Acacia Strain

Like Moths to Flames