Crowd Surf America, continues its assault with explosive results in Corpus Christi, TX

Blessthefall & Chiodos

August 9, 2014

Concrete Street Ampitheater- Corpus Christi, TX

          Yet another night of firsts for this photojournalist, ladies & gents. As a grown adult with High Functioning Autism, I can you tell first hand that I despise change and experiencing new things as I have a set of routines that I follow daily… A lot of that changed by the end of this fate-filled night.

Capture the Crown   JHW_2496Capture the Crown, opened the show with an incursion of Metalcore material to every single young ear-hole in attendance. Capture the Crown captured the crowd’s attention with a very formidable 6 song set-list that included, Ladies & Gentlemen… I Give You Hell; Rebearth; Bloodsuckers; Insomniac; RVG & You call that a Knife? This is a Knife. Before beginning their last song of the evening, Capture the Crown’s lead vocalist Jeffery Wellfare, instructed the young Metalcore fans to get on their knees & prepare to jump, from the start of the song until the end. The crowd was more than happy to oblige as 90% of the attendees done exactly what Wellfare, had guided them to do. Within seconds, the 730 bodies began jumping to the beat screaming their young heart out as the band played on.

As quickly as the band hit the stage, they exited leaving the crowd in awe filled joy… As routine would have it, their gear was taken off and replaced with that of I Killed the Prom Queen’s. Hailing from Adelaide Australia, I Killed the Prom Queen continued the onslaught of ear-candy. Opening their set with Beginning of the End, their first track of their 3rd studio album Beloved. Continuing their night with a barrage of instant hits, I Killed the Prom Queen played To the Wolves, Sharks in Your Mouth, Thirty One and Sevens & playing their 6th track off their 2014 Beloved album was Calvert Street. Calvert Street, full of hard hitting bass hits, melodic guitar & synth keys, I Killed the Prom Queen carried the crowd in the palm of their hands. Their phenomenal night continued with Brevity, Bright Enough & ending their set with Say Goodbye. Leaving the stage, I Killed the Prom Queen also left the crowd pumped up for the brutal attack on the audial senses that follows their palatable set.Chiodos    JHW_2684

Not too much time passed before Chiodos, entered the stage from all sides. The screams from hundreds of young girls powered the night as lead vocalist Craig Owens took his place on the stage. Beginning their night hard & heavy Chiodos opened up with Ole Fishlips Is Dead Now. Wowing the fans with speedy guitar solos reminiscent of classic guitar metal mixed with hardcore overtones, Chiodos bombarded their fans with phenomenal hits like The Undertaker’s Thirst for Revenge is Unquenchable (The Final Battle); There’s no Penguins in Alaska & off their 4th studio album, Devil they played 3am. 3am is a catchy little ditty full of loves lost, one-nights-stands, missed chances, should’ve, could’ve & would’ve(s). In rapid succession Chiodos continued wowing the audience with The Worlds “Best Friend” Become Redefined”, Two Birds Stoned At Once & Bulls Make Money, Bears Make Money, Pigs Get Slaughtered, Thermacare, Expensive Conversations in Cheap Motels. Ending their night Chiodos, played Baby, You Wouldn’t Last a Minute on the Creek. It was during that song when one of the overhead cannon lights facing the band from above the crowd became so hot it exploded, sending hot glass shards falling onto a few of the patrons in attendance, causing a laceration on the hand of one young fan. Concrete Street Amphitheater’s first-aid crew, acted quickly in bandaging up the wound. This fan was so metal, he made his way back into the crowd before the co-headlining act BlesstheFall could make it on stage…

From Phoenix, Arizona & signed to Fearless Records BlesstheFall, took to the pavilion stage at Concrete Street Amphitheater, ready to rock the place to its foundation. BlesstheFall, opened their night with Exodus, their 1st track of their 4th studio album Hollow Bodies. Heads were banging, fists were flying full of emotion as the crowd took each lyric wholeheartedly. It was highly evident that each individual truly BlessthefallJHW_2925believed the lyrics they sung along with lead vocalist Beau Bokan. Directly after BlesstheFall played their title track Hollow Bodies, inciting the crowd into an excited frenzy. 2.0, What’s Left of Me, Déjà Vu & See You on the Outside quickly followed along with Bottomfeeder, Youngbloods & Promised Ones. Climbing off the stage, lead vocalist Bokan, (With the help of the Concrete Street staff) climbed into the crowd standing upon the hands & shoulders of the young fans, belting out the lyrics to Carry On while his fans held him high in the air & in deep regard as they were star-struck to be so close to one of the best Metalcore singers of their generation. To many peoples amazement, every lead vocalist that hit that stage on this night made their way into the crowd. BlesstheFall’s night continued as they played three more hits plus one encore. Guys like You Make Us Look Bad, Rise Up, You Wear a Crown But You’re No King ending the night with Hey Baby, Here’s That Song You Wanted.

Review by: Jared Wingate



I Killed the Prom Queen

Capture the Crown



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