The Honda Civic Tour ft. Grouplove and Portugal the Man

The Honda Civic Tour featuring Grouplove and Portugal the Man

August 15, 2014

Greek Theater- Los Angeles, CA

         For the lucky 13th year in a row, Honda Civic has put on the successful tour, known as The Honda Civic Tour. This year, they are doing 3 major tours however, starting with the co-headlining tour with Grouplove and Portugal the Man, with the second leg of tour headlined by American Authors and the final leg being headlined by Latin trio 3BallMTY. For the most part, this tour has featured mainly rock and punk bands including Blink 182, New Found Glory, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Incubus  and more; but this year the tour took a turn to the indie/alternative scene. On just the fourth day of the tour, Grouplove and Portugal the Man came to Los Angeles, CA to show what they could do, compared to the amazing artists from the years prior.

PORTUGAL    Grouplove- Portugal the Man_-8       The lights were dimmed, and the SOLD OUT Greek Theater was nearly packed full of anxious hipsters- er, I mean fans. One by one, members of Portugal the Man came out on stage. Their set began with Kyle O’Quin on synthesizers, playing the melody of Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 while bassist and vocalist, Zachary Carothers sang. Just as the chorus was about to kick in, the band went into their song, Purple Yellow Red and Blue with both Carothers and guitarist and vocalist John Gourley singing together. They were able to capture everyone’s attention and coming out with a fun danceable song had everyone in the audience on their feet for the whole performance. The synthesizers, beaming and flashing lights, and the rock element (provided by drummer, Jason Sechrist) made for an all around captivating performance. Songs from their set featured, Modern Jesus; So American; Atomic Man and the set closing Creep in a T-Shirt/ Someday Believers. To be honest, I did not expect much at all from this band but their set was surprisingly solid and good (although there were a couple slower songs that brought the energy in the crowd down). It’s no wonder this band has taken the nation by storm, playing the top music festivals including Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza and many more. Portugal the Man set the bar very high for the second headliner of the night, Grouplove. 

        At 9:25pm, the lights once again dimmed, this time for Los Angeles, indie-rockers, Grouplove. As everyone’s hearts were racing, Wild For the Night by A$APGrouplove-14 Rocky began playing through the speakers; such an odd but perfect song for the band to run out to. The band members jumped around on stage until the music subsided. The tempo and atmosphere changed in a snap when lead singer and guitarist, Christian Zucconi sat behind a keyboard and played I’m With You. By the time the chorus hit, Zucconi and singer, Hannah Hooper were jumping in synch with each other, singing with the fans. Itchin’ On a Photograph was the next song, which fans eagerly clapped along to, followed by Lovely Cup. Half way through their set, and following a short story by Hooper talking about sleeping over her friend’s house, getting stoned and making art, they appropriately played their most popular single, Tongue Tied. Everyone was jumping up and down to the song and singing at the top of their lungs. The whole band looked like they were having the times of their lives, throughout the whole show, constantly smiling to the crowd and to each other. Instantly following Tongue Tied, the band performed their rendition of Beyonce’s Drunk in Love, which brought all the cell phone’s out in the air to record. One of their slower songs, rightfully entitled Slow was dedicated to the recently passed, Robin Williams and their set ended with their first single, Colours. This of course was not the end of Grouplove because the band came out and did a cover of Baba O’Reily by The Who with members of Portugal the Man assisting them.

There isn’t much rock in this year’s Honda Civic Tour BUT, Grouplove is not like other indie artists. They perform high energy songs, and are one of those bands that are better live than on a CD. They perform with such passion and excitement, that you can’t help but want to keep watching and listening to them. They definitely put on a show to remember and really stepped up to the plate. Call me a hipster if you want- but unless you have seen Grouplove or Portugal the Man live, then your statement is invalid.

Review by: Nicole Lemberg


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