Let Rock Rule Tour ft. Aerosmith comes to Washington


August 16, 2014

The Gorge Amphitheater- Quincy, Washington

           Last weekend at The Gorge Amphitheater in Central Washington, over 40,000 people flocked to see Rock N’ Roll legends Aerosmith, and former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash with his band. The show was sold out, and followed Tom Petty’s also sold out show, which was the evening before. Tickets were bought during Christmas time of last year- that’s how anxious people were to see this band; and finally the time had come. Fans were at The Gorge, waiting in the blistering heat, crunched together through large gates, similar to cattle.

John Legend_-11The gates opened up 3 hours to Slash’s set time, allowing some time to check out the beautiful view, concessions, and overpriced merchandise. Steven Tyler and the gang showed up in leather snakeskin pants, singing popular favorite Love in an Elevator. The crowd erupted after the song, as the band sounded just as good as they did decades ago, with no sign of wear and tear on Tyler’s voice, or anyone else’s instrumental abilities. As the set went on, there were many singles performed such as Living on the Edge; Crying and Dude Looks Like a Lady. The energy was constant from every member, all of whom had their own unique on stage personas. The lights and backdrop were astounding as well, with mirrored effects, and brilliant bright colors, keeping everything well lit.

After playing their first 15 songs, the band took a break from the stage, while the crowd chanted “encore”. Within minutes, they were back, and Tyler positioned himself on the edge of a platform, with a white grand piano, in which the keys to Dream On were played. It was one of the most amazing performances I had ever seen, and I’ll admit, I had my doubts about how the band would sound, after performing so many times! I will never forget the final song of the night; Sweet Emotion, another widely recognized song, performed with such brilliance, incorporating brilliant instrumental solos. After the set was over, and minutes of cheering had passed, the band bowed, thanked the fans, complimented the beautiful venue, and left the stage. What an unforgettable experience.

Review by: Lainey Taylor